And here we go again….

woke up this morning with my favorite visitor. That’s right…AF arrived for cycle 33! And this time she snuck up on me because I wasn’t paying attention to my chart. I guess now I know why I was so very grouchy yesterday…bah!

This is getting so old. I ought to just quit counting…it’s not like it matters anyhow. I’m probably never going back to the RE, I haven’t temped in 6 months (ever since we got the results of DH’s SA test), I take opk’s every few months just to make sure I know what’s going on with me. But it really just doesn’t matter anymore…it’s not going to happen and I should just get used to it.

Somehow, though, I can’t give up. Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing this for 26 months. Maybe it’s just become such habit that I can’t…the behavior is ingrained. I’ll probably be counting my cycles until I’m 50! Why can’t I just let it go? Why do I put myself through this every month, knowing it’s not doing to do any good?

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  1. Anonymous

     /  May 1, 2006

    JEN my dh didnt have the sperm count issue we were diagnosed as unknown inf. i finally got pg 3 yrs later after the baby was 5 mo old we quit using bc and it took 2 yrs for me to become pg again i mc at 11 weeks and it took one more yr for me to get pg again so i have 2 little darlings just shy of 4 yrs apart it is rough ttc i finally had stopped temping and using opks and tried to go with if it happens it happens mode but when af made here arrival i was a mess i had all but given up on #2 when i found out i was pg ,long story short me and dh divorced when baby was 7 mo old. i eventually ended up with a great guy and after 5yrs he wanted to try having a baby i told him about the struggle and heart ach but decided that with the drs blessing i would give it a go –after 6 mo off the pill i was pg its been a rough pg complete with bed rest but i consider it a blessing i made it so far to 36 weeks and baby look great hoping this gives you some hopetina


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