Yay for less stress!

We’re homeowners as of late last night. This is less stress for us – or at least for me. No more worrying if the inlaws are going to have trouble with something and get the house taken, or if I make them angry enough they’ll kick us out. The place is ours, although they’ll still be living here with us.

I tried to make a deal with them, but I don’t think it is going to work. DH told his mom (so far) that if she & FIL smoke outside EVERY TIME for the next 6 months, I’m willing to do IUI to get pregnant. Her response was “Well, you’ll have to talk to your father. It doesn’t do any good for me to smoke outside if he’s inside. And I’m not going outside when it’s bad weather.” I hate to tell them, but this is an all or nothing deal. Bad weather, good weather, too hot or not, I don’t care. OUTSIDE! Weather is bad in the winter – that’s no excuse. You want to have your nasty ass habit? If you want a grandbaby, get the hell outside. I feel kinda bad for trying to bribe them with the idea of grandchildren, but I’ve tried everything else.

This coming Tuesday is going to be my 29th birthday. My dearest husband has grand jury duty ALL DAY, and I have to work until 9pm, so I won’t even see him. As a result we’re going out this Saturday. AF should be here, so I’m going to go get staggeringly drunk. Shouldn’t take more than a couple drinks…I haven’t had much since we started TTC. And even if AF isn’t here…I’m going to go drink anyways. I know, I know…I’m a terrible person, you shouldn’t drink when TTC just in case you’re ku’d. Know what? I don’t care. The placenta doesn’t form until 6 weeks, so that means the baby doesn’t start taking nutrients (and bad things) from the mother’s body until then. I think I’ll be just fine – and if not, that’s the price I pay. I have given up so much over the past two years for this – it’s about damn time I celebrated a little. A birthday, a house…it’s worth it right now.

I’m also registered for my classes to start college in August. Here I am talking about doing IUI…and I’m going back to school. But I have a plan! Since my deal with the inlaws won’t start for 6 months…if I do the IUI in January (February at the latest), I will attend the summer semester next year, take the fall semester off, and attend spring semester 2008. That will give me time to have said baby in August/September, be recouped by January, and the baby will be old enough to go to daycare. My best friend’s MIL (the mom of my Dh’s best friend) runs a daycare just down the street. I’m fairly sure she’ll take my kiddo for me… 🙂

OH! I almost forgot! I think I may have solved a part of my frigidity that I wrote about last time! After writing all that, the next day I went out shopping with the best friend I mentioned earlier. I told her all that was going on and how upset and worried I was. She says to me “Hun, you know I love you and that’s why I’m going to say this. You…are…a…CONTROL FREAK. You have to control everything. Living in that house, with the parents and sister around all the time, you have no control over anything. I’m not surprised it’s affecting this area of your life. You can’t do what you used to do anymore. We have the same problem. Between living with (her SIL and HER DH) and the baby being born, I have no drive left at all. I have to try, really hard. Figure out what turns you on. Then do it!” At this point, I had an epiphany. We have a laptop. Laptops can go anywhere. Even the bedroom! EUREKA! Since then I now have a new “bed buddy” named “Dell”. He’s my laptop…and my new friend. I don’t think DH minds too much. We normally manage to get in 4-5 sessions a cycle…this current cycle we’ve managed 7. That might not seem a lot to you, but it’s almost double what we normally get in! The cycle isn’t over yet, either! WOO!

Anyhow…these are my updates. I’ll try to update again when Af shows…unless miracles have happened. In the meantime…thanks for reading!

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