It never fails.

I jinxed myself. I knew I would. Not 30 minutes after I made that last post I had to go potty and guess who’d arrived? You guessed it…just in time for my birthday. Guess it’s a good idea I wasn’t really planning on celebrating much.

It just never fails. As soon as I start contemplating testing, or start thinking that I might be late and maybe miracles do happen, she shows up. I start getting excited because she’s not here at her usual time…and she shows up. One would think I would stop getting excited and hopeful every month.

Why oh why can’t she just choose a day and stick with it? These games of showing up somewhere in a 3 day span..and then lengthening by one just to screw with me…are getting really really old. I shouldn’t be surprised anymore (and I wasn’t) but it’s still irritating as hell.

So…for those of you who were getting your hopes up with me: I’m truly sorry. I’ll try to be quiet next time. It’s hard enough to have my own hopes dashed without dashing every one else’s too. The good news is now you can direct all your thoughts, hopes, prayers, baby dust, what have you to Kimmie!

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