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Dear Readers:
Thank you for bearing with me as of late. I’ve been absolutely, terribly, awfully remiss in updating. It’s averaging 102* here and I have no a/c. It’s been way too hot to sit in front of the computer and concentrate. Before I get started I’d like to plug a friend’s blog. Wendy is one of my best TTC friends. She’s a lot like me, only funnier than hell. She puts things into words and it’s like “AMEN! That’s EXACTLY how it is!” So – if you like my blog and aren’t offended by “fart humor” (she asked me to put that…) check her out, let her know what you really think!

Let’s start with the bad news. Remember I told you a little while ago about my friend Jo and how she was pregnant? She isn’t anymore. She miscarried just after the 4th of July. The good news is that the docs think it was a one time thing (she got a fever about the time she ovulated and there’s the chance her egg got fried), and that she has PCOS. How is PCOS a good thing, you might ask? Well, it means they can fix her – kinda. At least now she has a reason, and that’s the good part.

On to more light-hearted things. Life has been busy lately. We finally got our new bed and mattress on Monday. We sorta miscalculated things and the bed takes up our entire bedroom now. We have JUST enough room between the end of the bed and the wall for me to squeak by to get into the closet – but its easier to just go over the bed. 🙂 It’s going to suck when I get pg – but I’m still doing it.

Once again I got into a terrible argument with my MIL about smoking…sorta. They’ve asked for a shelter from the weather – and the squirrels, who throw walnuts at them. So Aaron and I went to the store. I came up with every possible excuse they could use as to why each thing wouldn’t work and we went with the one we thought would work. I was wrong. It led to a huge fight. I feel like nothing I can do will make them happy, that they are going to sneak into the house when I go back to school or find some other excuse to smoke indoors and ruin everything. She feels like we’re trying to do the whole “our house our rules” thing because “you knew we smoked when you moved in here”. YEAH? REALLY? And at that time I thought I would get pg on my own too! Anyhow, she also feels like we’re trying to make them move out without actually kicking them out. This all causing much stress – she didn’t speak to me for 2 days.

AF arrived that same afternoon. I’m not really surprised. Right around O time I was having my annual, so no bding for me. Then it’s been so damned hot that I can’t stand it. It was just a bad month, timing wise. We’ll try again this cycle (shock!) The good news is that I had another 26 day cycle. This is a little weird, so I went and bought opk’s to use. I’m not going to complain if my cycles want to straighten out – it just means I have to figure out what’s going on again. And I don’t mind that!

What else? Not really a whole lot. School starts on August 21st. I don’t know how much time I’m going to have between school and work but I’ll do my damndest to get this thing updated at least semi-regularly…beginning of each cycle if all else fails. Aaron is taking Fertility blend to try and make his boys all better. I figure “anything we can do to make IUI more sucessful is good” and while they make him nauseated for a few hours every day he figures “Jen’s going to be nauseated while pg, this is the price I pay”. 🙂

Thank you all for reading and sticking around, even without regular updates. I really appreciate it. I promise I’ll try to do better in the future.

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