Cycle update

AF showed on 8/8…which made my cycle 24 days. I went in for b/w on 8/9…they run it today and I should have the results by tomorrow.

Dh went in for his SA on Thursday. Last year his count was 65million, with 51% alive and 5% the right shape. This time? 63 million, 53% alive and 13% the right shape. 🙂 That’s right, ladies and gents…the pills appear to have worked. The overall number of good boys vs bad boys is in our favor.

Let’s see…I took my last dose of Clomid last night. And oh boy – was the last day ever fun. Yesterday I had to take MIL to the doc. On the way home she decided AFTER I’d already passed the easiest turn to ask me to take her to get lunch. I was sitting AT THE INTERSECTION that I should have turned at, PAST the one that would have been the easiest, when she asked me. So I had to go up to the next major street and then double back…and she didn’t even offer me a single sandwich (and she got 5 of them!!!!! for herself!!!!!) To top THAT off, I then went to go make myself a sandwich because I’m starving and haven’t been able to eat real food since my dental appt last week. I look around…where’s my bread? I set my bread apart from everyone else’s so it wouldn’t get eaten. It’s nowhere to be found – so I ask MIL if she moved it. Moved it? Nope. Eaten it ALL? yup. SHE ATE ALL MY BREAD! Now I canna have a sammitch and I’m all sad and teary…over a sammitch. Clomid strikes again!

I swear being pg will be the end of me if Clomid is any indication. And today I found out about the s/e’s of the trigger shot – oh, fun times shall be had. I’m going to be a basketcase for the first week of school – hcg + stress of school = basketcase! 🙂 Ah well…it will all be worth it, and it’s all preparation for the real deal.

So…that’s my update for now. I am scheduled to start opk’s on Thursday, u/s on Friday…and hopefully IUI on Saturday. Please pray that I have two mature follies on Friday when I go in – I don’t want to have to do multiple u/s’s.

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