I’m not gonna make it…

no, I ain’t gonna make it. I ain’t gonna make it…to the first! [/twisted sister parody]

This cycle is taking FOREVER! I just looked at FF – which informed me that I am, in fact, only 3dpiui today. Wait…it’s only been 3 days? Are you SURE it hasn’t been a week already? Maybe I’m beta-ing THIS Friday, not next?

ACK! I knew it would be a looooooong 2ww but this is ridiculous! It’s only been 3 days and I’m already going crazy(er). Maybe it’s because I’m in school, and am thus now aware of time passing…or because I’ve been so miserable from being sick.

Speaking of being sick, I have to admit I’m worried. Remember my friend Jo from my posts last month, the one I was so excited about because she was pg…and now isn’t? Well, her doc thought that maybe because she got sick and had a really high fever around O that she essentially “cooked” her egg – and even though it implanted it wasn’t viable because it was “hard-boiled”. Well…I started getting sick the day before the IUI. By Saturday night I was running a fever of 99.9 (normal at this point in my cycle is 97.5). So now I have to face the fact that I may have cooked my own egg…and this worries me a lot. I don’t want to m/c…I’d rather NOT get pg then to have that happen. And we can’t afford to do the IUI again, so this is it.

I know I have to not worry, and I know I should call my RE. I also know that most of you think I’m just being a paranoid git, but I can’t help it. I’ve waited so long for this – and I just know something’s going to happen to screw it up. Something always happens.

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  1. Jen, (((Hugs))). I know it’s hard to not worry, especially since this is your only shot. Just breathe, and it’s in God’s hands.


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