Any suggestions, guys?

Well…I’m now about 9dpiui. I keep swinging from “If this worked” to “I don’t think it worked, now what”. I’m currently in the “Since this had to have worked” mode.

If we had managed this naturally I know exactly how I would have told DH. I would have grabbed my pee stick and gone speeding like mad to his office. I wouldn’t have told him I was coming, but would have gotten security to let me up – or called his boss and asked HIM to let me up. I would have taken the pee stick and said “Hunny, I need your help. Please tell me what THIS says”, holding the stick out to him.

Well…I don’t get to do that. I won’t be peeing on a stick, and it’s not going to be a huge surprise if it worked. Yes, a surprise that it worked but a surprise we were expecting…if that makes any sense. So I don’t get to go with my original thought.

I am making this post for a reason. I am asking your help in deciding how I should tell him. I don’t want to act like it didn’t work and then tell him it did – that’s just mean. He’s not a big sports fan, even of the local guys, so getting him baby memorabilia won’t work. I just don’t know…but I really really want a physical something as a teller. 🙂 So…leave me a comment, give me your ideas. I’ll figure out Friday what to do, just in case he deigns to read my blog. 🙂 THANK YOU ALL!

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  1. Anonymous

     /  August 30, 2006

    I don’t have any super cute exciting ideas for you to let Aaron know, but I’m going to be checking this thing obsessively for your update!! I’ve got everything crossed for you and I;m sending tons of happy thoughts and BFP vibes to you!Veronica

  2. Michelle (shellybelly13)

     /  September 1, 2006

    Maybe get him a card that says “congratulations dad” or something. Or you could buy or bake a cake. If the beta is positive have it say “Happy Birthday May 2007” (or whenever your EDD is). If it’s negative, eat it to console yourself. Honestly, I think he’ll be thrilled no matter how you tell him and if you just call him crying, it’ll probably be just as special.


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