Small update

The ultrasound showed 2 gallstones that were big enough to throw a shadow – which means that there were 2 big enough to disrupt the sonic waves. If there are smaller ones, they can’t see them. This means it’s entirely possible that I have a gravel pit in there!

Tuesday I go to meet with a surgeon for the gallstones. I spoke with both his scheduler and the one for the OB that I went to and they both say that I can get my endo lap done at the same time as the gallbladder removal. YAY! I am going to have to check on insurance stuff, make sure it’s all covered the way I think it will be.

I am going to try and hold off on doing the surgery until the week of Thanksgiving. I don’t think I’m going to be able to, but it would be best. I don’t have any school that week and the office is only open for two days. I’m going to have to use up all my vacation time when I do this…I’d prefer at least some of it was holiday! I am, however, driving both myself AND Aaron nuts with my wondering about the surgery. I don’t know what to expect afterwards. I think it’s going to be hella painful…Aaron says I’ll be sore, but fine in a few days. I’m anticipating one of us on the couch (probably him, or the cats will be jumping on me all night), he thinks we’ll be ok in the same bed. I’m thinking “Give me Percocet to take home”, he’s thinking “Vicodin every few hours should be just fine”. I’ve heard reports of everything from a few days recovery to 6 weeks…just for the gallbladder. Having two at once is going to be harder on me…and I’m already a very slow healer whose body reacts strongly to pain.

This is not going to be pretty…not even a little. I will try to update again later this week, after I talk to the surgeon.

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  1. Jen, I will be watching and hoping that everything with the two for one surgery goes well. I really hope it’s not a gravel pit, as you put it. LOLQuick recovery vibes to you, as well!!


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