One surgery is a go

The gallbladder surgery is currently set for Thursday November 16th at 9am MST. I won’t actually go into surgery until 11am, they plan 45 minutes for the surgery itself, and then two more hours for recovery.

This may all change, however. The gallbladder surgeon (henceforth known as Dr Giles) only does surgery on Wednesdays & Thursdays. The OB surgeon (henceforth known as Dr Poole) doesn’t do surgery on Thursdays. See the problem? Well, I am willing to move my date around if I need to in order to accomodate them.

I am, however, extremely displeased with Dr. Poole’s surgery scheduler at the moment. I scheduled with Dr. Giles’ person yesterday. She was supposed to get in touch with Dr. Poole’s person. I called Dr. Poole’s person yesterday afternoon to ask if he had surgery permissions at St. Alphonsus (where I am getting my surgery done). She called back and said “Yes, he has permission at St. Luke’s”. Whaaaaa? So I called back, and they put me on hold…and never answered my call or transferred me to her voicemail. This morning, 8am, I called Dr. Poole’s scheduler. I spoke directly to her and yes, he does have permissions. Then she told me that he doesn’t work no Thursdays, but that she would talk to him as soon as he arrived to see what he wanted to do…and she’d call me back in a few hours. At 1:00, when I got out of class, I called her again. She said “I will talk to Dr. Poole in just a few minutes and try to get back to you today.” I don’t have time to screw around, lady! I need to take time off work, talk to my profs, Aaron needs/wants to take the day off – all of which takes time.

So…I am giving Dr. Poole’s scheduler until end of day tomorrow to contact me with a date. I don’t need the added stress of all this – I’m already fully panicky and morbid. I’ve had two passive panic attacks in two days! If she doesn’t call me, I will inform them that I will not be doing my endo lap with them at this time. I may consent to do it next summer, when I don’t have so much going on. Who knows…just have to see how it plays out.

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