The pre-op appt

I am only doing one surgery. I can’t get the schedules to match up without waiting until December and I don’t want to wait that long. I’m already stressed out to the gills – I’ve lost 7 pounds in the last week, despite not eating much, and my hair is falling out at a rapid rate. I’m having panic attacks every other day, my TMJ has flared up every few days. My back muscles, between my shoulderblades, have been a lot more painful and tense the past few days. I keep stretching but it doesn’t help much. Between the stress, and carrying my books (which I swear are getting heavier and need to go on a diet), my back is ready to give out on me!

I had my pre-op appt on Thursday. It didn’t help matter to have more information. Now I have a whole new set of questions to add to my old ones. The lady did tell me that if I’m a nervous wreck (which is normal) that I can ask them to give me something to relax – probably Demerol, which I hear is great stuff. I have an entire instruction sheet of things to do before going in for surgery, stuff to take with me, things not to do. I have my own sheet of things I need to remember to tell them, or ask them, before I go under.

My gallbladder is acting up more and more lately. Yesterday my shoulderblade area hurt all damn day with no end in sight. It actually started the night before in my ribs. They tell me that my gallbladder can cause shoulder pain (it radiates upwards), so I’m assuming that’s what was causing it. It felt like my shoulderblade was caught on my ribs, or something to that effect, and nothing was working.

So that’s my update. I will try to update again after the surgery this coming Thursday but I make absolutely no guarantees. I will probably be drugged to the gills for a few days and if I’m feeling better by Tuesday, I have to work all day Tuesday and Wednesday in preparation for Thanksgiving. If I don’t post before that..HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING Y’ALL!

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