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Merry Christmas y’all!

Aaron and I are headed to my parents’ house this morning for Christmas. We were supposed to leave last night, but they got a foot of snow Friday evening and dad thought it would be best if we waited. 🙂 I happen to agree, even if it does frustrate me.

I think I forgot to mention that mom was having her hip replaced on Tuesday. She’s doing well, but won’t be coming home until Christmas Eve. They were going to send her home today but dad has to work and I’m not comfy being in the house alone with her. I don’t feel capable of taking care of her on my own, so I told her I was perfectly fine with her staying in there until Sunday. Give her another day of pure rest! The hospital is also going to be sending a Home Health nurse person to the house starting Tuesday to help out, since dad has to go back to work.

At any rate, I wanted to thank all of you for continuing to come here and read my blog, even if it isn’t getting updated very often and there’s nothing exciting going on. It means a lot to me that you’re still here after all this time.


I hope you all get what you want the most!

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