People who overstep infuriate me!

Some of you may not know (because you don’t belong to the WebMD boards) that I set up a Secret Santa project for the ITSG board this year. I did the same thing last year and it was a lot of fun. It’s very very important to me, although I am not sure why. Maybe because I like doing things for people, and I love the girls on that board to death.

Well, one girl who lurks over there from the 6+ board asked if she could be involved. Her board was having a hard time, and wasn’t doing anything like that, but she wanted to participate. I asked a few others if they minded, they said no, so I agreed to let her in.

I got everyone assigned, with no troubles. Last year the reveal was done before Christmas, but this year there were a lot of people out of town and others hadn’t gotten their gifts. I have been trying to wait until the prior two things were resolved before revealing who had who. I have also tried to keep the girls updated on what’s going on, and when the reveal is.

Today I sent out an Email, telling the girls that we would reveal tomorrow. Everyone should be back in town by then, so it could be the big reveal I was hoping for. I got several responses saying “But it’s already been done on the board this morning.” WTF? I raced over to the board to take a peek. Sure enough. Guess who overstepped her bounds and decided to take the reveal over from me? Yeah…the girl from 6+. She decided that she would just start the revelations this morning. WHERE DOES SHE GET OFF? It’s not her project, it’s not her right to say when the reveal should happen. I am so pissed off at her right now it’s not even funny. How dare she do something like this on a board she doesn’t even belong to, when she was allowed in only because she asked and everyone else said it was ok? I know…I’m probably being petty, but I hate being pushed aside on something that was really important to me. She had no right to do that when she wasn’t the one in charge.

Call me petty, call me silly…but I’m seriously upset over here. I know I don’t post a lot there anymore, but that’s because I don’t have anything going. I have, however, kept the girls as up to date as I could…both on the board and through Email, so no one would miss anything. I could cry.

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