Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…

I might start becoming a BSU Bronco’s fan after all. I have never cared about football, much, until I was given a reason to. If you aren’t a sports fan, stop now and thanks for visiting today. 🙂

BSU attended their first bowl game ever last night. We went to the Fiesta Bowl as undefeated. We are still undefeated! In a very hard fought, and well played game, we won in overtime 43-42! ESPN called it an “instant classic” and “one of the more amazing games in recent memory”. I like this story better, though. It’s a rather moving peice…and tells the play-by-play of how one player asked his cheerleader girlfriend to marry him ON FIELD after the game. WOO! It’s enough to stir me!

Aaron, Nomi, and Timm all gave me reason to care about the game. They told me “If they win, it’s more money for the sports team. That means that the money currently going to the sports team from the college won’t be going there anymore…which means that money goes back to the rest of the school. It also means more prestige, which means better majors, professors, and more students.” So…selfish as this sounds, I’m glad they won because it means maybe my tuition won’t go up so much! But dagnabbit – I might actually start caring. I can’t believe I’m actually excited about the outcome of a bowl game…

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