One of my bigger pet peeves in life

People who can’t speak, type, or understand English very well who work in an occupation where these things are vital.

What’s brought this on at the moment is this:

My company has an internal website, available via intranet only. I understand this. There are “employee offers” that are available to us, and some of them require the internet to access…which we do not have at work. Some of those offers have Insibeen made accessable, because the proxy has been changed to allow it (from what I understand of that stuff, which isn’t much). However, some of the sites, like the bookstore that offers discount on Pearson books, are still blocked. I notified them of this issue last June, and still nothing has been fixed.

Here’s where my rant fits in: I emailed the admin team yesterday, telling them all this. I asked them if there was a way to get the proxy fixed to allow access, since I couldn’t access from work. The reply I got was that “Inside Teams site only use for work. If need link to the other web site, use this links:
You may be able find what you need.” I told the person that I tried to use that from work, and I went to the employee offers page, and when I clicked on the bookstore I received the “Page cannot be displayed” error. Could they please tell me if there was another way to access the offers, or fix the proxy? To which I received this gem: “You can not access from outside, because this is intranet means for internal use only.”

Really? Are you sure? Because I think I have clearly stated that I am trying to access the offers from work and can’t and would you please fix the fucking thing so I can because they are worthless as they are. I responded back with “I understand that I can only access the intranet from work, but these offers require internet and I can’t access THOSE from work…which is the only place to access the intranet to start with. Could you please either fix the proxy or send me a paper way to access these offers? I hope that works because I am going to kill someone.

Dear lord, people – he doesn’t seem to get that I understand very well that it’s internal. I’ve been trying to access it from work. I can’t. How hard is a request for help to fix the stupid thing to understand? Apparently a lot. At this rate I may end up calling the help desk…which usually isn’t any help at all when it comes to this sort of thing…and asking them to please fix it.

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  1. Hey Tigger, I was not sure how to respond to your question on my blog…so I just decided to leave a comment on yours. My symptoms are minor Insulin resistance (hardly even notable), some facial hair (again, very minor), irregular LH/FSH ratio, and the everloved excess weight around the mid section mostly. (or as my previous endocronologist eloquently put it …Morbid Obesity) I am only 170 lbs…I know I am overweight, but MORBID OBESITY?????
    Hope that helps…let me know if you have any other questions!


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