School makes me sick


School starts up again tomorrow. For the next 16 weeks I’m going to be up to my ears in Biology (chapter 8 is on infertility and reproduction…WOO!), Spanish, and Math. I forsee lots of homework.

At any rate, I woke up this morning with a cold sore. A big one. On the left side of my upper lip. OWIE! I showed Aaron, who said “You had one of those at the beginning of last semester too.” I did? If he says so…I can’t remember that far back! It’s been 20 weeks! At any rate, in the last hour I’ve started sneezing, my nose is draining, I feel all stuffy. Great. Sick for the first day of classes. So I asked Aaron “Was I sick at the beginning last time too?” to which he replied “Yes. You had a cold sore, were sick, AND AF was in the house. You’re one step better this time.”

SHHHH! Speak not the name of the foul witch! I don’t put it past her to show up again, just to screw with me. I haven’t even O’d yet – she showed up last Sunday so I’m only on CD9 of I’ve-lost-count-of-what-cycle-I’m-on.

I have most of my books. I say “most”, because my Spanish books aren’t on the website yet. I can’t purchase them online. I just found out last night from a friend who works at the bookstore that all of the Spanish classes use the same bundle. I’m going to have to trek to the bookstore and fight all the people to get my books today. And I’m sick. I don’t wanna!!! But I have to have the books. I’m really frustrated with my professor AND the department. The department, because they are the one who puts the orders in for the books…and the books may or may not be at the actual bookstore yet. The professor because there should have been an Email sent out, or a message posted on Blackboard (the program that most profs use to leave class messages and grades), or something to let everyone know that they needed to pick up the bundle. He doesn’t even have Email so his students can contact him!!!

What kind of professor doesn’t have Email in this day and age? He’s teaching college students, for pete’s sake. You know, the people who are firmly attached to technology of some sort all the time? A computer, laptop, beeper, cell phone, pager, PDA, 3 different messaging programs, etc? There should be some way to contact him…and there wasn’t even a phone number.

Grah. I’m going to go play video games now, as this might be my last chance until summer (or spring break at the very least).

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