I’m the smallest I’ve been

in 4 years! 🙂 WOO!

Last Monday I started taking Metformin again. I know, I know…I should have been taking it for the past two years, but I keep forgetting. Once I get off track it takes me a few months to get back on again. So I started it up, figuring all the walking I’m doing isn’t doing to do me a damn bit of good if I don’t take it.Thursday I started taking the Cymbalta. One of the s/e’s is “weight decrease”.

Apparently it works.

I weighed myself last Tuesday (the 20th) so I could see if the Met was working. The last time I started on it I lost 9 pounds in 10 days. While I was at Mom’s I noticed that the jeans I was wearing were really loose – I could pull them down and back up without unbuttoning them. Dad had to punch a new hole in my belt to keep them on! When I got home on Sunday I weighed myself for shits and giggles. 190!!!! I weigh in at 190! (and I can’t believe I just admitted that on the net…) I weighed about this much (or little, depending on your point of view) when Aaron and I got together 4 years ago! WAHOO!

I know that most of it is water weight – the body doesn’t have the capability of losing that much muscle/fat in that short of a time period. I don’t really give a flying rat’s ass how I lose it – I’m just glad I did. I’m eating breakfast again – Mom had me try the South Beach Diet breakfast bars. They’re really good – I normally hate these type of things, but the Cinnamon Raisin ones are YUMMY!

My plan is to wait until I plateau and then up my Met dosage. I want to try being on 1000mg again, see if I can handle it. The docs really want me on 2000, but I really can’t do that. I get way too nauseated, and fire butt doesn’t even begin to cover what happens. And it doesn’t go away like it should either. So I’ll temporize and try 1000 for a while. This Thursday I have to up the Cymbalta dosage to 60, so I don’t want to up the Met just yet. One at a time or I’m going to have my body seriously freaked out. Mom says that if I lose that much weight again this week then I have to go see the doc. Aaron and Wilma agree.

At any rate – woo me! And if you’re reading me, head over to Wendy’s blog and cheer her on too!

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  1. Good for you, Tigger! Seeing progress is such a great feeling.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss!!!!You go girl.Hugsxxx

  3. AWESOME!! What a great boost! A step in the positive is always a great thing=)

  4. Thanks for the note on my blog, Tigger. It really helps to know that people care.

  5. Are you still alive?Or have you got so skinny that you no longer have the energy to type????Hope your ok. 🙂Hugsxxx


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