Elation and Panic

This is a two part post:

First, the elation. I found out yesterday that I don’t have to take my math final and that I got a B in the class! WOOT! This is such a miracle! I hate math and it hates me – I’m doing good to PASS the classes I take! After each exam, my professor has given us a printout of her gradebook so we can see how we’re doing in the class. She then gave us a formula so we could figure out what we need on the final to 1) take our grade up a step or 2) keep the grade we currently have. I would need a 101.8 to take my grade to an A-, a 96.8 to take it to a B+ and an 86.8 to keep it the same. She said if we were happy with our current grade, or couldn’t make it go up, we didn’t have to take the final. WAHOO! I GOT A B!!!! It looks like I’ll hopefully pull a C out of Biology (a B if I’m very very lucky), and probably a B out of Spanish too. Not too shabby!

*JO: If you are reading this, stop here!!!*

Now for the panic: My friend Jo, the girl I just mentioned, is one of my TTC sisters and a really good friend. She lives too far away from me, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve mentioned her before, in this post. I could also swear I posted about her pregnancy, but I can’t find the post even after 10 minutes of hunting. At any rate, she got pregnant again a cycle or two after her m/c. She’s due the end of this month. I got an Email from her late last week that said she’s developed Pre-E and has been put on bedrest. She won’t even be able to attend her own baby shower without her doc’s approval! Yesterday I got another Email from her – they’re inducing her next week, just as soon as her husband gets back into town. They don’t want anything to happen to her or the baby.

I have to admit that I’m worried. I know she’s far enough along that the little one will be just fine. A friend of my SIL’s developed sudden pre-e and gave birth to her daughter at 24 weeks! Jo is plenty far enough along. I’m just worried, because it’s what I do. I know the dangers involved, and I know that inductions aren’t the easiest thing in the world. I watched Wilma go through her first one. I feel helpless, because I’m here and she’s there and I can’t do anything but be supportive. Please…would all of you please keep Jo in your thoughts next week? I would really appreciate it!!!

One last thing: Does anyone know what happened to Snickollet? Her blog has been down for two days – everytime I try to go, I get a page that says “cannot find this site”. I’m worried.

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  1. It’s up right now (Snickollet): http://snickollet.blogspot.com/index.html. Maybe it was a blogspot thing?Keeping your friend in my thoughts.

  2. It’s up right now (Snickollet): http://snickollet.blogspot.com/index.html. Maybe it was a blogspot thing?Keeping your friend in my thoughts.

  3. Thinking of your friend, Tigger.

  4. The chocolate monk–both to fortify you for your plans with your friend this weekend AND to celebrate the end of the semester. Sending many good thoughts your way with that bio exam.


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