Time for my bi-monthly post

That seems to be the time frame things work out in, even though I have aspirations of doing it far more often than that. I just get distracted or don’t feel like it. Sorry y’all, and thanks for your patience.

Af showed up the day after my last post. I knew she would, because I dared to have a tiny bit of hope. If I contemplate testing, or being pg, she shows. It’s just the way it goes…and sometimes I use that to make her show up when I want her to!

I had an injection done in my spine yesterday. Two injections, actually. The doc was originally only going to do one, at the S1 joint, and if that didn’t work then next week I’d have one between L4 & L5. When he started doing the injection under Xray he discovered a surprise. I have an extra vertebrae! It’s between L5 & S1. This extra disk is the root of all my problems. He won’t do a diskectomy, however, because it’s how nature made me. I have the spine of a 5’9″ person, and the room in my growth plates (still!) to grow that tall, but I’m only 5’5 1/2″. I guess it really is true: I’m not overweight. I’m really undertall! 🙂 Hope that made you giggle! At any rate, he decided to go ahead and do the injection at L5. I’m hoping it works because THAT was painful.

What else… Oh! We sold our old car, finally. We sold it to Fred & Wilma. They picked it up yesterday. I’m just glad to have it out from in front of our house. I also got my “final” grades for school…they were finalized yesterday. B+ in Spanish, B in both Biology and Math. I’m happy with that. I can’t remember if I told all of you yet, but I’ve finally settled on a permanent major. I’ll be getting an Associate’s in Health Informatics & Technology, with a minor in Sociology. I will go back for my Bachelor’s, since I’ve already done all the ground work for it. This degree will allow me to work in a medical office…I’m contemplating my RE’s office, or a hospital. I want to be where I can do good, and I can empathize with the people. I also think it will be therapeutic for me.

In other news, I could swear I’m going through menopause. It’s not funny. I’m not, because I researched it and I don’t match. But I am having major hot flashes all the freaking time, I’m dizzy and nauseated. and the heartburn is coming back with a vengeance. They took my gallbladder out – I’m not supposed to be having heartburn anymore! I didn’t eat anything unusual yesterday…but every time I rolled to the right last night I got heartburn. Stupid acid. And the hot flashes…oh Lord. Now I know how mom used to feel. I’m too young for this! I know that it can happen early, but still! My body temp doesn’t go up – I checked – but it sure feels like it. They make me dizzy afterwards. I thought it was the prednisone, because that’s a side effect, but I’ve been off it since May 7th or so…the side effects should be gone by now, right? And no, not pregnant. I’m on CD13, and have never had these symptoms at O time before…I don’t think they even are. Not sure what to do, but I can’t STAND it. I HATE being hot all the time. I’m wondering if I can convince my doc to do a full hormone workup for me when I go in for my annual next month…my FSH/LH levels ought to tell me something.

I think that’s about it. I’ve been remiss in reading blogs lately as well. There was finals week and then the boss was on vacation. I’m hoping life settles back down to normal soon…I’d like a few pj days. I hope you’re all doing well!

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