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Apparently it’s not as bad as I thought! Thanks to Watson for the link to Rate My Blog

I also said that I would share my photobucket account with you so you could see the clothes we bought for my birthday. This scares the beejeebies out of me because the clothes (and I) don’t look nearly the way we do in life. 😦 But I did promise, so here you go! Take pity, please!! Also…there are a lot of random photos in there. Some are of my kitties, some of a friend’s 2 year old, some that are just sig’s and avatars for a forum I’m on. 🙂 This is my “hey I need to post a photo and need a place to host it” spot.

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  1. You look great, Tigger! I especially like the flowery skirt outfit. Very cool and summery. Now you need to find a beachside café, and a tropical drink (with fruit slices!) to sip. (Mmmm. And if you do find those things, can I come with you?)


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