Glimpses of my soul

I know I’ve been doing a lot of things like this lately. I don’t really have a whole lot else to say, aside from bitching about Chuckles and that gets old. I also think these can help give an insight into who I am and why I do the things I do. 🙂 thanks to Snickollet for the latest link.

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From the website:
“At work, ISFJs contribute loyal, sympathetic, consistent, and considerate service to others. They are know for their kindness and for their willingness to go to any length to help those in need. They take the practical needs of people into account when they do their work, and their strong follow-through skills allow them to carry out organizational goals. They do at least what is expected to them and oftentimes more, without attracting attention to themselves. They are painstaking and responsible with detail and routine, and feel it is important to have the right things in the right places at the right times.”

That one is totally me. It’s how I’ve ended up with a house full of family, even though I hate it sometimes. It’s the right thing to do, because they need me/us. I can’t boot them, as some people have suggested, because it’s not who I am. I’ll let them anger me and frustrate me and drive me to insanity…but I just CAN’T kick them out. They’d have nowhere to go and that would make me even more upset.

Also from the website: “The primary desire of the Protector SJ is to be of service to others, but here “service” means not so much furnishing others with the necessities of life, as guarding others against life’s pitfalls and perils, that is, seeing to their safety and security” and “ISFJs have a rich inner world that is not usually obvious to observers. They constantly take in information about people and situations that is personally important to them, and store it away. This tremendous store of information is usually startlingly accurate, because the ISFJ has an exceptional memory about things that are important to their value systems. It would not be uncommon for the ISFJ to remember a particular facial expression or conversation in precise detail years after…”

This is also me. I am always trying to protect people, keep them from getting hurt and making the same mistakes I’ve made. I have a lot of life experience, either from listening to others (another ISFJ trait) or experiencing it myself. I remember, and apply, everything people tell me. It frustrates me when people don’t listen…I’m trying to help, dammit! I try to remember what it was like when I was younger and didn’t listen to my mom, and how frustrating it must have been for her to have to sit back and watch instead of strangling me. I’m not sure how she did it!

the website is pretty cool. It tells you other people, both real and fictional, who are your personality type. It also gives you good career matches. What do you know…medical technologist is listed, and that’s my major!!!

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