Call for help

For once, nothing to do directly with me! 🙂

My SIL has been put on Methotrexate for her lupus. Prior to this the only thing I knew about it was that it was given to women with ectopic pregnancies. SIL has been forbidden to even think about the possibility that she might, one day, want to get pregnant while taking this…so she’s aware of that effect. I also warned her of what I knew. 🙂 I also strongly suspect that she has endo. She’s in the process of getting tested for it – I think. At this point I’m not sure what she’s doing, but the pain is killing her and she wants it done.

I know that many of you have probably taken the Methotrexate. I also know that a lot of you have endo. One question I have: Will the methotrexate help her endo pain? I’m not sure how methotrexate actually works, so I have no theories. Can anyone tell me how it works and if it might help her in that aspect?

Also, she’s having horrible s/e’s. I feel so sorry for her – they sound worse than what I went through when I first took Metformin (the effects of which are referred to as “salsa butt” now…). Her pharmacist told her she just has to ride it out. That would be great, if she was only taking it short term. As far as we know, she’s on it until she decides she wants to start TTC…which she isn’t sure she’ll ever do, because of the lupus. Does anyone have any tips on what she can do to help ease the s/e’s? I hate to see her like this – combined with her pain, she’s hardly able to get out of bed!

Thanks girls! I appreciate your help – and I’m sure SIL does too.

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