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I’m sorry I left you hanging last time. Thanks a very whole big bunch and lots to those who left me words of encouragement, and those who didn’t but might have been praying for me. It’s been very appreciated. I left the comments in my inbox so I could go back and look at them when I needed a pick me up. Life hasn’t been so good lately and I haven’t been able to blog about it. Last post was 100…yay! So let’s see…what’s been up in the past big?

I’m on Welbutrin again. It seems to be helping. This is good, because life isn’t cooperating.

I’m having my kitchen floor replaced and it’s been a nightmare. The washing machine has been leaking and the floor is finally giving out. It’s buckling, so I decided to replace it now rather than later. I got an estimate from Lowe’s…almost $3K! WTF? We can’t afford that, so I placed a claim with homeowners insurance. The lady came out on Friday to check it out and said the labor charge was WAY off. I called Lowe’s back…and it turns out that the installer didn’t listen to anything I said. He decided how he was going to redo my kitchen and that’s that. I said “That shit ain’t happenin’ buddy” and they sent me a new installer today. Meanwhile, I called the adjuster back to let her know what the problem was. SHE decided she didn’t like my wet floor being there any longer than it needed to be, so she sent a company out here to rip up my floor. UGH.

Meanwhile, Giggles starting having contractions on Wednesday. She went in to the L&D because she couldn’t feel the baby move. They gave her a shot to stop the contractions and sent her home. Friday I had to take her back in. Saturday we almost did it again. Saturday night I had a total breakdown. It’s a lot harder having her in the house then I thought it would be. I had really hoped that they would be out before the baby was born, but this may not be the case. She’s only 32 weeks, but I don’t think she’s going to carry to term. I can’t deal with this. I feel like a horrible person because I feel like I hate her. I resent her tremendously. I’m sick of people fawning all over her. I want her gone. And none of this is her fault. She’s not doing it on purpose; I’m sure (100%) that she doesn’t want to be having contractions either and doesn’t want her child yet either. I still hate it.

Also, my mom just called. They think she has cancer again. It’s September; I shouldn’t be surprised. See, 4 years ago on September 5th she was diagnosed with breast cancer. They caught it early and she did radiation. The following year on September 5th, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It was not an early catch, but as early as they could feasibly catch it. The damn tumor was 18cm! She had chemo and has been ok. We made it through last September with no cancer, although it was a tense month, only to pay for it with her problems this past winter. And now, it’s September again, and her CA-125 is elevated. That gets elevated when ovarian cancer is present. Well, mom doesn’t have any ovaries any more, or a uterus. This means that there were cancer cells left and they’ve metastasized. While the docs don’t know where the cancer is just yet, when OC metastasizes, it usually goes to the brain or lungs. Y’all…I’m terrified this time. Those aren’t terribly operable places. I’m not ready to lose my mommy but I have to face it this time.

She wants to have a family meeting once she knows more, with my sister and her boys as well as me. Aaron and my BIL can come if they want, I don’t know if my brother will be there. I am on my mother’s side, regardless of what she decides to do. She didn’t want to do chemo last time, but my sister guilted her into it by saying “Fine. You don’t have to do chemo. But if you don’t, you have to explain to Daniel (my nephew who was 12 at the time) why you are choosing to die instead of live.” Of course, she chose to do it when I was out of the room or there would have been hell to pay. NONE of us have a right to tell mom what she has to do. Of course we don’t want to lose her…but we don’t have to live with the effect. She does. She’s 60 years old – old enough to make her own damn decisions on what she wants to do. I will stand by her and protect her from my father and sister.

AF is late. Today is CD28 and she’s not here. The last time I had a cycle that was 28 days was when I had that chemical pregnancy in July of 2004, the one that sparked everything. I haven’t tested yet. I don’t have any tests in the house and I don’t have time to deal with a positive anyhow. If she still hasn’t arrived by Wednesday I will test in the morning, provided I’ve found time to get to the store. If not, I will see if the doc can fit me in for a beta while I’m on campus. This would just be a kick in the pants. I know there’s a lot of stress in my life and stress can delay AF…but this isn’t funny. Not even remotely.

To top it all off, I have been missing classes because of dealing with the house. I have an exam tomorrow that I am woefully unprepared for. And the final blow? Robert Jordan died yesterday.

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  1. Jess

     /  September 18, 2007

    Ugh, I’m sorry about everything.About a year ago we had a pregnant friend staying with us during a bit of a crisis, and after the first period after she’d moved in came I remember sitting in the bathroom trying to cry quietly, wanting to put her first, but thinking that I COULD NOT DO THIS RIGHT NOW, and that I just did not have TIME for it. So I totally feel for you…but you CAN get through it. Because when it comes down to it, there’s no other choice anyway.I hope that if you’re pregnant it’s good news. And that Giggles’ baby stays put for a while. Hope all around!

  2. Oh Tigs! {{{{{HUGS}}}}} I’m so sorry you’ve got so much going on right now! Know that you’re in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope that everything works out ok. As always, try to squeeze out some time in all of this to take care of YOU.

  3. Tigger, this is just too much to have on one plate. I’m sending good thoughts for your mum. I can’t even imagine how you must hold your breath every September. And hopefully Giggle will not deliver early but will be out of the house soon.

  4. I hope things get better for you.

  5. Praying for you, your mom, and Giggles. I would not be able to do what you’re doing; praying for strength for you.Oh, and I totally need to re-read the Wheel of Time series…

  6. So tough – sorry that you have to deal with so much difficulty all at once.

  7. Bless your heart, sweetie-you’ve just been given so much to wade through right now. I hope you feel surrounded and protected by the love and care and concern of your family and friends and your extended IF family. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts. Take one moment at a time and breathe, breathe, breathe.

  8. Whoa. I’m overwhelmed just reading your post. I hope you’re finding the strength to move forward. Thinking of you, my friend.


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