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The Great Mofo Delurk 2007 So I’m a day late and a dollar short, but it’s better than nothing! 🙂

Thanks, Beth, for asking if I’m still alive. I am, but just barely. It was a very very stressful weekend but I did not kill anyone. Except my fertility goddess…she’s broken…but my fertility was already broken so I’m not sure it matters. My kitchen floor and wall are done and we’re starting to put things back. Aaron and his dad managed to tear 2 holes in my brand new linoleum while putting the fridge back so i have to look into getting that fixed.

Mom’s test on Thursday came back clean – no breast cancer that they can find. So it’s back to the blood drawing board for her until they can find it. I think she’s about ready to give up and just wait for it to show itself.

Wilma and Fred had their baby on Tuesday night. She wasn’t supposed to be induced until the 10th, but when she got up she was bleeding pretty heavily. She understandably flipped and called the doc, who ordered her to the hospital. They did a blood test and there were baby cells in her blood, so they came to the conclusion that the placenta was pulling away. Rather than let her wander around until it completely detached and because a true emergency, they decided to go ahead and take him that day. 🙂 So there’s a new 7 pound 15 ounce addition…yay! On the selfish side, it means that she won’t be able to come to Giggles baby shower this Sunday. I was hoping to have a few friends around that I knew, who would know what it was like (even a little) for me to be there. I don’t want her bringing her newborn (who was put in the NICU yesterday because he was having troubles breathing but is ok now) into a house full of smoke.

Ok…I have an appt I have to go to and all of this was written in a drug-induced haze. YAY for Ambien….BOO for not getting enough sleep for it to wear off. Please pardon me if some of this makes no sense. I will try to update more on what’s going on with me once I can focus again.

UPDATE AS OF 12:30pm MST: I do believe AF just reared her ugly and yet welcomed head. Today was CD46. If she chooses to stick around and actually flow, that would mean that the first of this long cycle was 23 days, and this one is that long as well…both of which are normal for me. Let’s hope that she doesn’t disappear again! And NOW I can go rub Mom’s face in the fact that I KNEW I wasn’t pg and she should just listen to me when I tell her it’s all normal!!! 🙂

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  1. Jess

     /  October 4, 2007

    Good to hear from you!!Glad your mom’s test came back good, but still, frustrating not to know where or when.Good luck at the shower!


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