I’m so proud! *sniff*

I got my first semi-rude comment on my blog yesterday! I’m so proud – I feel like a real blogger now. So you don’t have to go find it, I’m going to post it here…and then I’m going to dissect just what’s wrong with it. 🙂

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “The drama llama has arrived”:

So not only would going to the gym help you lose weight but it would also help your disease and yet you “can’t find time” Somehow you manage to find time to be online constantly. Hmmm.

It’s only semi-rude, because they do have a point…sorta.

Going to the gym is supposed to be able to help me feel better. It will not help me lose weight – never has, because my weight issue is not due to overeating. Aside from having PCOS and metabolic syndrome (which go hand-in-hand most of the time), I also have Wilson’s syndrome. These three together make it next to impossible for me to lose weight just by going to the gym. At the beginning of the year, I was below 200. In the past year, I have gone back up to 215…which is where I was two years ago. It took me 2 years to lose 15 pounds…and what did it was starting two new meds at the same time. I lost those 15 in a month…but didn’t lose anymore.

All of that was also before my fibro got to the point where it is now, where everything hurts all the time and I don’t even want to move…and not moving hurts too. Exercise hurts more at the beginning but will get easier as I go, or so they tell me. THEY, however, don’t have fibromyalgia and thus do not understand that I have to convince myself that MORE PAIN is obviously the answer to LESS PAIN. I fail to see how that works. You want me to cause myself even more pain than I already have, on the theory that it will help me to have less pain? Oh, and look – the medication they’re giving me for the fibro causes weight gain! Huh…no wonder I’ve packed on 15 pounds in the last TWO MONTHS since I’ve been on it.

As for being online constantly, I’m actually not. I appear to be, as I leave my browser open to a forum I belong to because it’s one of the first things I check in the morning. My messengers are also on 24/7, so people can leave me messages. I’m going to assume that dear Anony is from the forum, as I can’t think of any other place where I would register as being online constantly that I also have a blog link. I’m also going to assume that dear Anony is new to that forum, since they visited me. 🙂 I could be wrong, but since they weren’t willing to put a name to the comment so I could address them directly instead of here, I’ll just have to go on my assumptions until proven otherwise.

It’s time for me to get dressed (which should take about 30 minutes instead of 10 because today is a bad hip day) and go see the doc (who is going to chew me out for not going to the gym). I’m going to have to explain to him why I haven’t had time – between being a full time student with classes/papers/projects/tests galore and working 25 hours a week and running my household I just haven’t had time this semester. I will try to work it into my routine for next semester – interrupting a routine at the end of the semester is just asking for trouble. I also have a Biology Lab exam today, as well as my Med Term test (possibly). I have to turn in a project that I have failed miserably on because I don’t understand Access and maybe work on a presentation for tomorrow. In leaving, I’d like to ask everyone to please use a name when submitting comments, and maybe a way to contact you so I don’t have to do this again. 🙂 Thanks for reading, all, and sorry it was so long.

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  1. Stupid Anony! Good for you for publicly calling them out!I can’t stand the cowardice of people that want to leave bashing comments behind that lovely anonymous krap.And yet, I understand you being proud. I myself have left open anon comments, hoping to one day be berated by some moron that doesn’t have the cojones to stand behind what they have to say. It does seem a bit of a “right of passage”, doesn’t it?

  2. Woohoo!! Congrats for making it to the place where someone cares enough about you to post something mean. I always took my mean comments as great compliments. I knew I wasn’t boring enough to just ignore – they actually took time to write something mean! So welcome to the club. 🙂ABout responding to these people – it’s hard not to, isn’t it? I always had people telling me “why don’t you just ignore them?” It’s because they are so fucking WRONG or only have half of thes tory. It’s hard to let misinformation go by the wayside.

  3. Jess

     /  December 17, 2007

    Hehehe…love that you are outing Anon. haha! People should butt out if they can’t say something nice (ESPECIALLY when they only know a small part of the story!).Thinking of you! Hope things are less hectic soon!

  4. That comment was not semi-rude, it was asshole-rude!You won’t find me blaming you for your conditions.Hmmm…I haven’t really gotten any nasty comments in over a year. I only really did when I posted about the DaVinci Code and I got a die-hard believer in EVERYTHING in the movie! I just calmly thanked them for sharing an opposing opinion.

  5. Miss Jen, you take care of you… Anonymous people can be fun. Then again, there are some bell-ringing idiots out there, too. Looks like you might’ve found one! :o)

  6. A quote from the “Handmaid’s Tale,” which the Barren Bi+ches just read:<>Illegitimi non carborundum<>.Wow…do you have a lot going on. Wishing you good thoughts, Tigger.

  7. You go! I’m right there with you, with the PCOS and metabolic syndrome stuff. I was diagnosed with fibro in college, although I haven’t done too much about it in the past few years. Once I got the PCOS diagnosis and started taking met I started feeling better overall anyway.I find that if I eat a lot of processed food/junk, my fibro acts up more than normal. My mom (metabolic syndrome, fibro, myasthenia gravis, thyroid issues) found out she’s allergic to soy/MSG/gluatamic acid, and if she eats anything like that she feels sick for days. I started cutting things out too, and I feel much better when I don’t eat all the crap. When I do eat the crap, I feel like crap. The preservatives can also be an endocrine disrupter, so something to think about for the PCOS/metabolic issues too.Sorry to rant, but just wanted to say hi, and let you know I’m pulling for you.

  8. Anonymous

     /  December 21, 2007

    Im sorry this happened to you, people usually say mean things when theyre not happy with themselves…its usually never really about you.I found your blog interesting. I actually do pregnancy predictions. You can contact me at pregnancypredictions@gmail.comand my myspace is: http://www.myspace.com/pregnancypredictionsGood luck on your journey.

  9. UGH, Tigger. All the physical pain, the drama, AND an anonymous butthead to boot? I go away for awhile and look at all the trouble you get into…I’m so sorry about the fibro, on top of the PCOS and metabolic syndrome. ASSVICE ALERT: Like bowlwoman above says, if you haven’t already, cutting out processed stuff and the soy/MSG/gluten can make a huge difference in how you feel–well, I don’t know about the fibro, but digestively and energy-wise. Even though it won’t make you feel 100% better, it might make the whole package of woes easier to deal with? I’m insulin resistant (usually related to PCOS, but not always) and was really surprised at what a difference the change in diet made. (Especially now that I’ve been in a bad headspace and back on the junk food. Now I feel crappy mentally AND physically!)Okay, I’ll shut up now. In any case, I’ll be thinking of you over the holidays and hoping that things are going well (or at least not too badly) for you and your family. And, who knows, maybe 2008 will be a better year…


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