What to do?

I know I haven’t been writing here a lot lately. I could make excuses for myself, blame school and what’s going on with my mother, but the truth is…I’m lazy. Beth’s post gave me the courage to say that, even if it did bring to mind this song. 🙂

I’m lazy. I also don’t have a lot to say lately. I have started a new blog called Colorufl Medication. Why a new blog when I don’t keep up with this one? Well, that one details my attempt at dealing with moms cancer. This one has become less about IF and more about my life in general…but right now, I don’t have a life in general. I have school, I have work, and I have mom’s cancer. Soon I hope to post a little about the mess school has been and how it’s all fixed now, but I don’t have the mental attention right now. I’ll get off on a tangent, I’m sure.

As of this moment I’m still not sure if I want to keep this blog open. Like I said, and I’m sure you’ve noticed, I don’t blog in all that much any more. I like having it though, so I have a place to put random things, updates, etc. It gives me a place to remember things that have happened and how I felt about them and when they happened. If any of you want to follow me over to the other blog as well, you are more than welcome. Thank you for all of your comment on my post below – they’ve meant a lot. Comments give me the warm fuzzies. 🙂 Thank you, for always being here for me to talk to.

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