Once again I have let my blogoversary slip by me without a word. I have been writing here sporadically for 2 years as of March 31. Yay me?

As I came her today I realized it had been over a month since I’d written. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps I don’t have much to say these days, or I have so much going that I don’t have time to write, or I’m just too lazy to remember. The truth is all three.

There really isn’t much going on in my life at the moment. Everything is calm for once; I’m not stressing over anything too much. Mom is relatively stable – and I will post more on that on the blog I have dedicated to that scene. My inlaws are still living with us, although they have put a bid in on a house and are just waiting on the sellers bank to approve it. THAT’S a nightmare in the making – I’ll get back to it in a second. I’m doing ok, despite having my first colonoscopy this past Tuesday. I’d had some bleeding that didn’t want to quit for a few months so I got checked out. Tuesday was the day, and it took them 9 tries to finally get an IV in me, and they ended up putting in my foot after blowing out two veins in my hands. Blech. The semester is more than halfway over – I think I only have about 6 weeks left. I’ve got an A in my documenting class, will probably pass my health management class, and will be content if I manage to yank a C+ out of physiology.

Inlaws: The sale is a “short sale”, meaning the sellers are willing to sell the house for less than they owe. They, however, do not get to make the decision – the bank down. I don’t know what the house was going for, but they offered $93K. The got the approval on the loan from their bank last week. The sellers’ bank is now 2 weeks late getting the inlaws an answer. Technically the bank has broken the contract, but my inlaws really want this house and so are willing to wait. MIL says “Well, at least they haven’t declined us; rejections are swift” and she has a point. The bank has approved one short sale on this house before, for $108K, but they took so long that the buyers found another place. MIL and FIL won’t be finding another place…this is what they want. I just can’t believe that MIL isn’t on their case about this – God knows I would be!

I’m sorry about the lack of updates – there’s nothing exciting going on, so I don’t really have anything to post. I keep promising myself I’ll get better, but I don’t. Eh – maybe someday, but don’t hold your breath.

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