Hot buttons and triggers oh my!

Remember way back when I used to talk about Giggles and Chuckles quite a bit, because they were living with us? Guess who is pregnant…again? Yeah… They had the first one about a week after moving out of our house. The second one was born a year later. At least she waited about a year and a half this time…I think Chuckles was out of the state for the first little bit though, so that explains that! My MIL called my husband tonight to have him tell me, before I found out from anyone else. Like, oh, say, a facebook status. At least now I know I need to hide him so I don’t see it! Once again I have learned that I simply can’t tolerate some things very well…still. GOD DAMNED FUCKING FERTILES!

*ahem* *pardon me*

Another family member has found me on Facebook. Yes, I said another. So far, both uncles, my aunt, all 3 cousins, my sister, her sister D, HER sister T, and D’s husband have all found me. D also had one of her granddaughters friend me. Then my brother found me through my sister – oh yay. Because, you know, I want HIM back in my life. And now, tonight, T’s sister L friended me. Now I know – most of you are asking yourselves “Why doesn’t she just refuse the invites?” Well…if you’ll recall, I have gotten used to trying to keep family harmony. I couldn’t very well have my sister as my friend and not my brother. I also couldn’t think of any valid reason not to have T & D as friends. L…well, if her sisters are friends…and I remember her from when I was a kid…*shrug* it seemed ok. Until tonight. Why? I have FB up constantly – it never gets shut down unless the browser crashes or I have to reboot. So tonight I’m actually at the computer while waiting for dinner to arrive and up pops a message from L. We have the following conversation:

L: Hey, do you remember me? I used to live with you when you were a kid?”
Me: (not that it was long, but…) yes, I do.
L: You sure have grown up! I wish y’all would stop doing that to me.
Me: (Tries not to be snide about how everyone grows up, get used to it) *insert inanities about understanding, nephew growing up fast*
L: “I’m really sorry about your mom. How’s your dad?
Me: (Trying not to type out my thoughts, which are along the lines of “Thank you for appearing back in my life after about 25 years and poking your fingers into my sore spots, and reminding me that my mother has been dead for a year and half in 4 days”) Working, trying to retire.
L: You got married recently, didn’t you?
Me: (Thank you for paying so much attention to my life while you butt in) 7 1/2, almost 8 years ago.
*(and at this point y’all know what’s coming…right?)*
L: Wow. No kids yet?
Me: (Tries not to scream as the woman steps in it yet again, debates on how to answer) Nope – we can’t have them.
L: Well, at least you two have each other and time to enjoy it. Not like me – we have 3.
Me: (growls, grumbles, glares and makes no comment)

Really – managing to hit the mom trigger, the fertility trigger, and the “aren’t you just so grown up!” trigger in less than 5 minutes. A little impressive. My brother said he was surprised I had her as a friend – I explained the whole family harmony thing and as long as she doesn’t irritate the fuck out of me on a daily basis, I should be fine. He proceeded to tell me how nosy, annoying, scheming and conniving she was. *shrug* She can’t touch me here, and if she gets too bad, I’ll just block her I guess.

Oy. Stupid freaking people.

On that note….I have hesitated at posting this, but I have started a blog chronicling my fibro journey. It will be how I feel when I am feeling like blogging it, bits of research I come across, etc. Much like I do with the cancer blog. If you want to read it, let me know and I will send you the link. 🙂 I know it’s not going to be interesting to everyone, so don’t feel like you have to read it.

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  1. Jess

     /  May 3, 2010

    People! Rock! So! Frickin! Much!

    Seriously. And that's fertile madness too.

    Did I miss an update on your dad? Has he got the tests back yet? Have been thinking of you guys.

    And I'd read along with your fibro blog….don't know how much I'd have to add, but I care to read!


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