Fun times!

Fun times are happening around here. I figured I’d better update y’all. 🙂

For starters, I gave myself a moderate concussion yesterday. How did I do that, you ask? (I know, because everyone else has asked too!) Well, we are in the process of rearranging the house. And in my world, when you rearrange one room, you inevitable end up doing 3 rooms, if not more. Aaron started in on the “red room” (our spare room, which has deep burgundy carpet) and moved the bed away from the West wall and under the window in the North wall. Well…that made it so that the side of the bed that was facing the wall was now facing the room…which, of course, meant that I had to take the mattresses apart and fix the bedding, right? And of course I would do this when no one was home to help me, right? Right. So. I took the mattress off, leaned it against the closet behind me. I then took the blanket I’d been using as a bed skirt (the bed is a double, my sheet sets are queen…see the problem?) and decided to tuck it under the box spring so it wasn’t on the heater. I was standing at the end of the bed, where the bookcase is (see where this is going yet?), and lifted the box spring to tug the blankets. Now…the next few seconds are a little hazy. I don’t know if I lost my balance, or if the box spring shifted, or if the world just tilted on its axis, or what, but I fell sideways and slammed my head into the corner of the aforementioned bookshelf. Insert much cussing here. I told Aaron about 30 minutes later and he immediately wanted to come home and take me to the ER – I insisted I was fine. A friend came online about 30 minutes after that and was quite convinced that I had a concussion, and those are simply not to be messed with. I called the Nurse Line, who decided I should go in. So…about 3 hours after hitting my head, Aaron got to come home and take me in. Another hour later and I was in for a CAT, which came back clear. Still nauseated and headachy, but apparently that can happen for up to a month! Brains do not like being sloshed about!

Second bit of news: Starting at 6:45 Monday morning, I am once again, after 6 months, employed! *shout from the rooftops* I have a job! That’s right – I’ll be a wage earner once again, and none too soon either. It’s another damn call center job, doing more tech support, but it’s work. I’m getting on brain meds now, and if I end up having to go on Top@max again, at least I’m not taking the fibro meds I was last time.

Speaking of fibro meds: I’ve been on Sulf@salazine for 6 weeks or so, and it’s working. I was supposed to go get a refill today, but…well, I’m on CD30. Cycles are normally 23-25 days, with the random 28 thrown in for confusion. The last time I recall having one like that was 6 years ago this weekend, when I miscarried my chemical pregnancy…when I started the whole TTC journey in the first place. That cycle was 31 days. The rheumatologist warned me when I started on this med that if I became pregnant I needed to stop it immediately. I’m out of meds, except what is waiting for me at the pharmacy…so I’m not getting them, and I’m testing in 2 days. I don’t know if I’ll remember to post the results or not, but if I don’t, then chances are very good that AF showed. Lord and Lady help us if I am….I’m finally used to my life the way it is! Which, of course, means that is EXACTLY what Fate/Karma/You Name It was waiting for…

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  1. Jess

     /  July 24, 2010

    You had BETTER remember to post the results! Good night!

    Sorry about the concussion. BUT glad that your test came back clear! And glad that the meds you have are helping a bit. About time you got a break!


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