Nesting sucks

(I haven’t posted the results of Saturday’s GTT because I don’t have them yet.)

Nesting sucks. Really really. There is so much I want to do, and so much I can’t do because it involved lifting things that are over #25 pounds, or come from above my head. I can’t even wash my hair these days without causing small pain from my sternum all the way down to my pubic hone from stretching…I don’t DARE lift things down from the tops of the closets.

Closets. The TOPS of them. Which I can’t reach without a chair. Why am I reorganizing those again? Oh yeah, because my brain tells me to. It also tells me that I have to go through all the computer CDs/DVDs and throw some out and otherwise sort them. It tells me that I have to sort through all the stuff in the “cat room” with is also the “junk room” and sort THAT out/find an out-of-sight place for it. That one at least makes some sense – the door is now blocked off with a baby gate so the cats can get in but the baby can’t. The clutter is now open to viewing and I want it at least somewhat neat.

But the rest? It just doesn’t seem baby-related to me. I thought nesting was “getting the nursery together” and “washing and folding all the baby clothes and blankets” and stuff – you know, directly baby related. I CAN make all of this be baby-related if I try: We are moving the books into what is currently the computer room (why? Because my brain said it was a good idea…) and the computers to the back room. Sorting through the computer stuff and getting rid of a lot makes sense because it’s less to move. I also want to be able to fit it all into a smaller table instead of the dresser it’s in. What will happen to the dresser? Well, it goes into the cat room. Why? I think you know the answer. I will be sorting through several chests of papers and art supplies, and what is left will go into the dresser. One of those containers will go into the back and be used to hold some of the stuff currently in my desk.

Me, my OCD, my sense of perfectionism, and my scattered brain are currently howling in frustration because we can’t work together. Somehow I will get this all done, but the question is: Before or after I go insane? Because I feel like I’m going crazy. I can’t do all of this on my own – there’s too much lifting, and walking, and I’m plagued by “what ifs” while I’m alone. I don’t even like leaving the house by myself these days because I’m scared that one of these times my water is going to break and I’ll be alone. Have I mentioned that I still have 11 weeks to go and my water is in no danger of breaking, most likely?

Someone tell me – is nesting like THIS normal? Am I getting out of control?

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  1. Don't worry, you're completely normal. And really, do as much as you can — because anything that's left when baby arrives will stay on your to-do list prob won't get finished until their first birthday.

  2. Jess

     /  January 11, 2011

    Agree. It's normal (though also anything is pretty well normal. I didn't ever get the nesting instinct with Ethan, I don't know if I'd done that well on convincing myself he'd die, or if I was just too tired from Ava, but it never happened). I've even cleaned out my kitchen cabinets already. And sorted some baby stuff even though only half my brain was telling me to do so (the other half screaming “JINXING IT!” loudly).

    I also agree….do as much as you can, for sure. Otherwise you'll be at the mercy of helpers or have to wait a while. Or need someone to babysit! lol


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