Final answer….

I got a call from my nurse yesterday afternoon. I passed the 3-hour test! WAHOO!!!

We also went on a tour of the L&D area last night and can I say, I’m glad I’m not the one who is driving me to the hospital? I would totally go in the wrong entrance, although I’d end up in the right place eventually! So lost, but the husband knows where he’s going and since he’s taking me, that’s a good thing. He said last night “They threw a lot of information at us. I’m not ready for this….” Um, welcome to my brain?

I called my dad and told HIM about the test results and what it meant as far as delivery goes (no induction, no C-section, unless for OTHER reasons) and that it meant I might actually get to have this kid whenever he decides to make his appearance. My fathers response? “Well, if that’s the case, I won’t be able to be there. I have to give my work at least 4 days notice.” Whatever, dad – I’m pretty sure if you called them and said “My youngest daughter just went into labor” that they’d let you take a few days off to come up here. Apparently the birth of his grandson doesn’t mean as much as I’d thought. Of course, I’m slightly relieved not to have to deal with him the first few days while we bond with Smallfry, but still…that’s not REALLY the point here. My mom dropped everything when my nephews were born and raced up here, but apparently my dad can’t be buggered. It’s not like he works a lot – they’ve cut his hours down to about 10/week, so I’m sure they could find someone to fill in. He just doesn’t WANT to, and that idea upsets me.

Next month is hella busy. The first week of February involves a doc appt, 2 classes, and a photo shoot! I have another class the following week, a doc appt the week after,  my baby shower the week after that, and the last doc appt of the month – at which point we go to weekly appts, assuming I haven’t had said child. 🙂 I feel like a regular social butterfly!

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