Do YOU know how your reproductive system works?

Because these people apparently do not, and I don’t understand how they got to be in their 20’s (at least!) without understanding the vital role that our bits play in our bodies. Witness the pertinent bits of this conversation:

R: I’m getting my tubes tied and I’m excited cause no more babies and i don’t have to worry bout birthcontrol 

C: u can still get pregnant hun i know 3 people that got their tubes tied and they got preg

Me (because I can’t stand the stupid): And those 3 people were exceptions, not the rule. If it’s done properly, and the docs check to make sure the tubes don’t go back together, the chances of getting pregnant are slim at best. Add in that they don’t tie them any more, they actually use a laser and sever them, and those chances go down even further. Yes, it still happens. People get pregnant on birth control or when they shouldn’t be able to have children in the first place. Miracles happen. That doesn’t mean they happen to everyone every time. If getting your tubes tied didn’t work, they wouldn’t do it. 

C2: Haha why not just get a hystorectomy? No period! Yay!

Me: No period, no estrogen, added hormone replacement therapy so you don’t go into menopause…

C2: Menopause isn’t so bad. I went through it for 7 months. And the added hormones are just a .25 mg pill and all is well. And everyone I have talked to about the hystorectomy said it was the best decision they ever made. I’m actually going to get one by the time I’m 30. No other choice but. It seems better than a tube tie. Just my opinion tho, Haha well more power to you then 🙂 congrats on the tying of the tubes! Yay! No more kids haha 🙂 I spoiled myself with the no period thing and never want it back 😀 lol plus most of my problems happen around that time so if I can prolong it forever? Yes please 🙂   

….my brain, it hurts. When did having your uterus removed because you WANTED to become a good thing? I mean, having it out because there is NO OTHER CHOICE…that’s one thing.  Taking it out because you don’t want to have your period anymore? How did that even become an option? How do they not know how sensitive the hormone balance is in the body? This type of thing should seriously be taught in high school! Know your basic biology, people, especially if you plan on running amok and taking organs out at random just because you don’t want them to perform their function anymore!

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  1. Jess

     /  January 13, 2011


    There's actually an elective surgery now where they scar your uterus so that (as I understand it) you can't produce a lining, and can't get pregnant…and you don't have a period.

    My best friend had it done, but not electively…she had some lining issues happen after her last child and already had her tubes “tied” so the answer to her issues was try and stop the lining from forming (as opposed to a hyst!!!), and I guess it came out that it was also an elective procedure too! She sometimes has a bit of spotting but nothing more and she said not even like a pad is needed.

    THAT I could someday be interested in! LOL

    As far as the ute is concerned, why take it out (in most cases)? It's the ovaries that cause TROUBLE in ALMOST all cases. Endo wise at least!

  2. Hmmmm. Maybe there should be uterus donation!!! “Don't want a pesky period? Happy with the number of times you've reproduced? Well, donate that uterus to the less fortunate IFers of the world.”

    That would be BIG money. I'd buy one.

    I love your idea of giving the Kindle away. My mom may get a nice surprise in the next few days! AP


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