L&D Trial Run…I guess….

I guess you could say we had an exciting Monday evening. Let me backtrack to Friday, when this started:

Friday night I was getting into bed, rolled over to get comfortable, and felt a LOT of pain in my lower left quadrant of my abdomen. It’s the same place I have felt round ligament pain since I was about 10 weeks along, but it hurt a lot more. I figured I just…pulled on it too hard or something. Painful, yes, but worrisome, no. I decided to take it easy for the weekend, let it rest. I bet you can guess how that went!

Saturday morning the nesting bug hit. While Aaron was putting the Christmas bins and painting stuff in the garage, I decided to clean the panty. Not the shelves, just the tools and boxes on the floor. Why? I don’t know. Because it needed to be done? I’ve given up asking why I clean what I do these days – none of it makes any sense anyways! At any rate, I was up and down off the floor for several hours. Down is relatively easy to do – up, not so much. Lots of strain on the muscles trying to heave this bulk around. 🙂 By Saturday night I could barely walk. I hobbled around the house, making all the boys feel sorry for me (I think…) and not doing much of anything.

Sunday we decided to go grocery-cost comparison shopping. Thankfully two of the three stores we went to had the motorized wheelchairs, but the first one didn’t and my hips (which already have issues thanks to the fibro) decided they wanted to join the pain party. They rarely let an opportunity go by! I was pretty much shuffling by the time we were done with the first store. By the time we were done with the last, I was ready to crash…so I did. We came home and I slept on the couch for a few hours, feeling only slightly more human when I woke up. When we went to bed, the pain in that same area, which had been bothering me tremendously all weekend, decided to REALLY get my attention! It started surging in waves, going across my abdomen, up my ribs, and into my back. I was in tears it hurt so much…and I began to think that maybe I hadn’t just strained that ligament, maybe I tore something. Nothing I did made it stop.

Early Monday morning, like 5:30 am, I got up and called the doc. I’d been awake every 2 hours since Friday anyways (I’ve apparently entered THAT stage), and this was worth getting up for. Called them, left a message for my docs nurse, and went back to sleep in the spare room where I at least wouldn’t keep Aaron up. Waited for most of the day for them to call me back (highly unusual) before calling and finding out that my nurse wasn’t in and whoever listened to the messages apparently didn’t see fit to pass the message on to the nurse filling in for her. I spoke to that nurse, gave her the full details, she talked to my wonderful doctor…who decided I should go to L&D for evaluation. Oh boy!

So…Aaron came home early to take me in. I probably, maybe, could have driven myself but I was worried that it might be something serious and wanted him there. We got checked in, they put all the monitors on me, and…nada. “Strong, healthy, active baby” was said a few times – and he was. His little heart was chugging along between 150-170 beats per minute, he had the hiccups, moving around and kicking. No contractions, nothing. They decided that I did what I originally thought – I pulled a muscle, strained that ligament a bit too much. At least nothing in their demeanor said “she’s a paranoid first time preggo”!

And that, my dears, was our trial run. I hope it goes that smoothly (for the most part) when it’s actually time! They didn’t have any information on me, because I’d never been there before and the doc hadn’t faxed over the info, so we were left waiting and wondering in the room for a while. I wasn’t overly fond of the Charge Nurse, but since she isn’t delivering Smallfry, I guess I don’t really care. I assume (hopefully) that they’ll be more…on the ball…when I show up in labor. 🙂

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  1. Jess

     /  January 27, 2011

    Doesn't matter much if they're on the ball when you come in in labor…you're having the kid either way! 😀

    But, someone will always listen if you hit them hard enough. Remember that one. It'll be handy after baby comes, too.

    Glad it was just a scare! I was in L&D for an NST the day before Ethan come, actually. Not enough movement, but everything was fine. Cord accidents are real, though…better safe than sorry!! Same goes in your case for premature labor!


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