NST’s oh my!

Everything is good. I’m measuring 32 weeks exactly, just as I should be. I’ve gained a total of 12# (17# if you include the 5 I originally lost, which my doc is). My glucose test, which I passed, was not as good as he’d like and so he is classifying me as “borderline”…nothing unusual THERE, I’ve been borderline EVERYTHING for years, I swear. He’s not comfortable putting me as full GD, and even if I was there isn’t much they’d do differently from what I’m doing now…so as long as I’m not having any issues (which I’m pretty sensitive to any sugar changes, or struggling to keep them steady), he’s not going to list me as GD. HOWEVER:

I start NST’s twice a week as of tomorrow morning. I know several of you have had/are having them routinely, so they’re nothing MAJOR to worry about. I know he’s being cautious, just because he knows me and knows that my body prefers to be as contrary as possible. The pregnancy, for example – none of us expected it to go this well *knock on wood*. We expected lots of pain, GD, bedrest by 5 months, pre-e, the works. And? Yeah, you’ve been reading so you know how it’s been. So NST’s just to be on the safe side and keep an eye on us. The hospital is only 5 minutes from the house, which is only one of the reasons we chose to have the baby there. (I want to be in labor as little as possible – it, and the pain, scares the bejeebus out of me.) Doc tells me that it’s pretty similar to last weeks “trial run” – I go in, they hook me up to the heartbeat and contraction monitors, and I lay there for anywhere from 20 mins to an hour. Sound about right?

Today was also a good day for baby stuff – my MIL’s best friends daughter brought us over two huge bags and a couple boxes of baby boy clothes (she has two, and a little girl, and isn’t having any more), as well as a bouncy chair and a swing! We sorted through the clothes, kept most of them (except greens and oranges – Aaron has red hair and was carrot orange as a baby, so I don’t want to run into color clashes!), and started doing baby laundry with Dreft today. Next step is to find one of my dolls, dress it up, wrap it up in one of the blankets, and let Inara get used to it and the new smell.

Speaking of Inara, we may have figured out what she’s doing with the bedding! We have our bed that we sleep in, and the smaller one that I nap in, and she has HER bed (plus the couch, chair, and smaller bed) that she sleeps in…but where will the baby sleep? There’s no surface available! We think she’s trying to “share” her bed. 🙂 Once we get a mattress for the crib, I’ll put the doll in there and see if her behavior stops.

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