I got my Babycenter email today (it came yesterday I just didn’t check it) for my “hey, you’re 33 weeks, here’s what’s going on”. It also contained a link that said “What pregnant women worry about”. Given yesterday’s post about my paranoia, I checked it out to see if I was even remotely normal. After reading the article, all I can say is “seriously? THIS? THIS is what normal pregnant women worry about? Good Lord Almighty what I wouldn’t give to be normal apparently.”

In case you don’t want to read the article, it’s things like “can I handle the labor pain? Am I going to be a good parent? Can we afford this financially?” Don’t get me wrong, I worry about that stuff too…but they don’t keep me up at night. What keeps me awake is all the stuff I learned from the blogosphere all these years!

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  1. Jess

     /  February 8, 2011

    Yeah I'm with you. My tops would be “What about that blood, anyway?” “How can we know if a cord accident is going to happen?” and “Do you think I need an ultrasound for that?” or in the same vein “OHMYGOSH will good solid viability EVER COME and IS MY KID GONNA DIE?”

  2. Tigger! It was so awesome to see your name pop up on my blog today.

    So how is it being pregnant? I read your paranoia post so I see your brain is in overdrive. Perfectly normal though. I would have them check to see if the extra fluid is amnio, but that is something that is easily tested via a litmus paper test. If its not amnio fluid, you are doing fine.

    I will say though, they won't induce you at 36 weeks if everything is ok. Most docs won't induce before 39 weeks in a healthy pregnancy. You wouldn't want to have him come out a month early anyway. Most babies would be okay, but there is a small percentage that wouldn't be ok. Could you imagine if he wasn't ready and you made him come out early? Plus, you do not want an inducement when your body isn't ready yet. I was induced at 39w4d and it was the hardest, most painful thing that has ever happened to me. Pitocon is devil's juice and when you aren't effaced or dilated yet, it's ridiculously painful. I was actually screaming in pain. I've had three natural childbirths and the induced labor was by far the worst. Its hard in you ~and~ the baby. Try with all your might to hang out until you are ready.

    My OB never did an early internal check. With a normal pregnancy, he waits until 38 weeks because the measurements earlier than that don't really mean much. A woman can be dilated to 3cms for weeks and weeks before the birth. And he has found that when he tells a woman she is effaced or dilated early, it makes the woman evem more anxious, thinking she is ready to go. He said it increases false alarms to the hospital much more and that leads to even more anxiety. With all of my three kids, I was dilated from a fingertip to 1cm right before I have birth, only getting things to progress the day of birth. With Karl, I went from a fingertip to 10cms within 6 hours. With Ella, I went from 0 to 10 in 22 hours and with Allison, 14 hours. So that shows how much internal checks don't really mean much.

    Hang in there girl! decreased movement during the last month is totally normal, as the space in ther starts to get tight. As long as you feel some movement, everything should be alright.

    I know its hard, especially after dealing with such hardcore IF, but I know you can do it! You are almost there! Yay!

    What kind of a birthplan do you have?


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