So. Angry.

Today was supposed to be my last appointment with my doctor before he went on vacation for a week and a half. I got a call about 20 minutes ago because they are having some sort of issue with the xray machine in the office (I didn’t even know they had one!) that is causing them to close the clinic for a few hours and they wanted to reschedule. They couldn’t get me in today, so instead I get the meet the only doctor I’ve never even seen in the hallways tomorrow. He’s the other doc that delivers babies, but since I’m refusing to have any doc in the practice deliver this kid other than my doctor, I don’t really care that I get to meet him – beyond being able to say that I have met them all now.

I am so angry and scared. My doc was supposed to transfer me to the hospitalists after our appointment today. Now that we’re not having that appointment and he’s leaving, I don’t know what’s going to happen. Is he going to transfer me anyways? Is the other doctor supposed to do it? Is he half as efficient as my doctor is? What about his nurse? Are they going to understand my concerns? Are they going to blame them on being a “first time mom”? Because so help them if they do…if they think there are problems in the clinic now, I’d like to see them get blood off the walls. Now is SO not the time to be learning a new doctor.

Panicked. Yes, that’s the word. I am panicking. I am trying not to, because I know it’s not good for Smallfry OR my BP, but I’m still panicking. It seems like I made it this far only to have everything go sideways. Pregnancy once again trying to teach me that I have zero control over life?

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  1. Jess

     /  March 14, 2011

    That sucks. I'm sure the other dr can transfer your stuff tot he hospitalist though…but if you're worried, call today while you know your dr is still available, so that if he needs to do it, he still can be reached by them.

    All that said, and yes, it IS annoying….it will probably not matter much who delivers your baby when you actually go into labor. My dr was only there to catch, literally, and so if everything goes well, you'll likely barely even see whoever delivers. And if it's an emergency, like a C-section that wasn't planned, there is always someone there who's competent.

    Deep breaths! It'll be ok. It might be annoying, but it'll be ok!

  2. Any doc should be able to transfer you- hopefully they mentioned it in your chart.


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