Complicated, updated!

The stupid doc is the one on call while my doc is away, apparently. After not hearing from them for 2 hours, I finally called back and was told to go in to L & D. Aaron came home to get me – while I normally go to the NSTs by myself, when it’s a case where we are worried, he prefers to go with and I prefer to have him there just in case.

We got there around noon and got hooked up. All was well, except I still had no contractions. The nurse insisted that having my contractions disappear was perfectly fine, since I wasn’t in labor. I feel that’s wrong – and the hospitalist later agreed that things don’t normally go backwards. Me being me, however…

I am now 75% effaced, up from 50%, but am only dilated to not even 1.5, which is down from 2 (and even down from the 1.5 I was when my doc first checked me 3 weeks ago). Go me for having backwards progress? It’s like my cervix is playing peek-a-boo, just taunting me. The hospitalist said he wishes he had a crystal ball for me, but it doesn’t work that way. 🙂 And apparently MY doc has been checking on me with the hospitalist via e-mail while he’s on vacation…and y’all wonder why I love him to pieces. While he’s on vacation! With his family! He checked on me to see if I’d delivered yet!

At any rate, I’m to keep an eye on things. If the kick counts drop, if I get any of the usual labor signs, I’m supposed to come in.

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  1. Your cervix likely hasn't gone backwards, it's probably just exactly the same, and the two people who measured it had a different subjective judgment.

    You've probably been having prodromal labor, and it can go on daily for weeks- and then stop. Mine would start up every evening and last 6-8 hours, then stop. Eventually, at 39 weeks this time, the real thing happened. You are more effaced, so it has been doing something. It's just frustrating waiting for the Big One to start. Glad little one is doing OK!

  2. Jess

     /  March 22, 2011

    Nice, nice. I agree to thinking the same thing as Spock…that perhaps the 1/5-2 difference is subjectivity mostly?

    Soon, hopefully soon.


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