It’s a date!

I had a dream last night that when I went into the doc this morning he stripped my membranes, and then ended up doing an induction on Sunday anyways. When I told him about that, he said “we can probably make that happen”. I love my doc. I will never get tired of saying that.

Sure enough, he stripped my membranes – OW! I thought cervical checks were bad – they’re worse when the doc is wiggling his fingers around like he’s cleaning out cobwebs. He checked a few things, and I have a Bishop’s Score of 8 (although he says some would give me 7, but that’s still enough) which means I’m safe to induce. Sunday he is going to induce me, assuming I didn’t decide to go into labor before that. He’d have done it for tomorrow, but it’s his anniversary and his wife will kill him. I almost offered to make her cookies if she’d let him. 🙂 This kid is coming out on his due date whether he wants to or not! Well, we’re going to try anyways – I know it can take a while and there’s the possibility that he won’t show up until Monday.

I am both really excited and really nervous. Excited because we have finally reached the end. We have a plan in place, a firm(ish) date, and the child is coming out. Less pain in the ligaments for me, moving on to a different kind of pain, but still excited. Nervous because we’re moving on to the next phase, a place that has felt like we’d never get to at the rate we were going. We’re going to be PARENTS. I don’t know if we’re ready for that, but it’s what’s going to happen. Now to hope we manage to raise a decent child!

I’m also nervous about the induction itself. I know it’s really not that scary – I watched Wilma go through hers – but still…it’s not something I’ve done before and I know they can take a while. I’m worried that they won’t be able to give me the epi, but that if they manage to do so, I will stop progressing. I’m scared of having my water broken because I hear the contractions get much more painful after that. If I stop progressing, then there’s a C-section involved and THAT scares me because…just because. Wilma damn near died during hers, and my mom has had anesthesia reactions a couple times. I haven’t, but mom didn’t usually either! Aaron is already afraid I’ll die during childbirth…

My dad is going to take Monday off to come up here, stay that night and Tuesday night, and head back on Wednesday. I hope I can tolerate him that long. I was hoping he’d wait a week before he came up – I kinda wanted our first week to be just me, Aaron, and Smallfry. Give us a chance to bond. I don’t want to have to worry about feeding dad, or keeping him entertained. All I want to do is feed my child, sleep, bond, hang out. Here’s hoping it’s not too stressful!

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  1. SO CLOSE!!!! Have a GREAT weekend!!!! 🙂

  2. Jess

     /  March 26, 2011

    Onward and upward, it'll all be worth it! 😀

  3. My induction wasn't bad at all- good luck!


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