A friend of mine over on LJ posted his answers to an interview and invited us to request being interviewed. Not one who is usually invited into stuff like that, I jumped at it. Here are his questions to me and my answers:

1. Why Tigger?
 The first Hundred Acre Woods themed item I ever received as a gift was a musical snow globe with all of the characters, plus Christopher Robin. I was using the name of another famous orange cat as my screen name at that time, but Tigger fit me better at the time I received said gift. Apparently my family thought so too, as I began receiving a lot of Tigger items as gifts for Christmas and birthdays. Now everyone knows I collect them! Tigger also fits my online personality a lot better. Real life, I feel more like an Eeyore, but online I have more freedom, more friends. Which is not to say that I say/do things online that I wouldn’t say/do in real life, but more that I don’t have to watch myself nearly as closely. I CAN say exactly what I want! 🙂

2. You and five people from your flist each get one super power. Who gets what?
 I shall take the power to light stuff on fire. Fire is useful for a great many things, not the least of which is defense. Plus? It’s just plain fun!
To Mel, the power of flight. She does so much for so many, I think the power of flight would make it easier on her to do all she wants and still have plenty of time for the twins!
To Gwendomama, the power to bend time. I’m quite certain she could make good use of it!
To Cathy, the power to heal. Being able to take care of things herself without having to deal with docs would be a very large help, I think.
To Jess goes the power of cloning. Being able to clone ones self and be in several places at once without upsetting anyone would be quite useful, imo.
To MeiLin, the power of the force. “you don’t want this bpal, give it to me” is something I can TOTALLY see her doing!

And remember, people, “With great power comes great responsibility”.

3. If you could live in any place and time, what would you choose?
I have debated this all night and you know what conclusion I came to? Me neither! I was trying to find a time when life was easier, or better to women/men in general, and I realized that there just isn’t one. All times and places have their downsides, no matter how perfect it may have seemed. With the tech and medical knowledge we have now, it’s actually one of the better times to live! Now if it was a FICTIONAL place, I know where I’d like to be.

4. You’re going to be stuck on a desert island. You get to take five things with you. Whatever you want. Real or fictional, alive or inanimate. Anything, as long as the main purpose isn’t to facilitate your escape. Food, shelter, and solar-powered multimedia player included free. What’s on your list?
First item is a towel. Douglas Adams tells us that it is “about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have” and while I’m not an interstellar hitchhiker, being stranded on a desert island is certainly a place where you want to have all the useful things you can.
Second item: a Pipboy. Fallout has taught me the many uses of a pipboy, including carrying things for me so I don’t have to have an entire luggage set in order to carry my things.
Third thing I would take would be clothes. Just because there’s shelter doesn’t mean there are items to wear to protect me when I am outdoors or help provide warmth when it’s cold – shelter is simply something that protects you from the elements.
Fourth  would be a Kindle. Depending on how long I’m stuck, I’d have a large variety of books to read since it has a 2-month batter life. If I choose fictional, I say a solar-powered one so it never dies. Entertainment! Things to keep me from going crazy stuck in my own head.
Last, but not least, my husband. I get to take things that are alive, yes? So husband. With him at my side I can get through anything!

5. What is your proudest accomplishment to date?
Predictably, having my son and managing NOT to kill him in the last 3 1/2 months due to my own ineptness. Yeah, yeah, people have been first time parents for a very very long time and most of the time the child does not die due to their parents not knowing what in the hell they are doing. Considering it took six years to get pregnant with this child, I think someone just didn’t think I knew what I was doing enough to let me have one! Now that Mom has joined that someone, this might very well be her idea of a practical joke…with consequences. I mean, I can’t keep a PLANT alive, so keeping the child alive and healthy is something for me to be proud of! Ok, so it seems like I’m not taking it seriously. I am. You should know by now that I handle things with humor when they are too serious for me to really deal with.

If you want me to interview you, let me know in the comments and leave your blog link if you don’t think I already have it!

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  1. Cathy

     /  July 18, 2011

    The power to heal. Yes I would like that. And I'm not of the mind that living forever is a good thing, so I'd probably not be too tempted to abuse it.

    I'm *really* bored and at a lack for blogging material, so go ahead, interview me 🙂

  2. I like your answers. I actually kind of meant to include fictional realities as well as real. If you've got an idea of which one, I'd like to hear it.

    Great answers to 4, especially. Not sure how your husband would feel about being labeled an “item” though. 😉

    Interview me back or not, as you choose. 🙂

  3. THANK YOU! I want to be able to fly so badly. I will use my superpower for only good and not evil.

  4. Jess

     /  July 23, 2011

    Multiple me's! Win!!



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