Six month update

So I’ve been terribly lax, as usual, about updating. I had hoped that once The Boy arrived I’d be better at it, but I’m really really not. I could make excuses, involving new parenting, school full time, stress…but I’m tired of the excuses. They’re all true, but it’s not like it takes a long time to make a post. 🙂

This is the new home for the blog I’ve been writing for…5 1/2 years or so. Coincidentally, this is my 200th post! Yeah, that’s not a lot of posts per year, but still! 200! Wow! 🙂 I hope everyone who was following me at the old place finds me here as well. I’m putting up a redirect and letting Mel know – hopefully that will be good enough.

On to the topic at hand: The Boy is 6 1/2 months already. How in the HELL did I get to be the parent of a 6 1/2 month old child? How has it come to pass that none of us are injured, we’re all alive, and all doing (relatively) well?  He is mobile, and increasing in speed on a daily basis. See exhibit A, which was taken about a month ago:

And exhibit B, taken today:

He is babbling away, getting very proficient at “mama”. This was taken a week ago, so you can imagine the proficiency now:

When he decides he is done with being wherever he is (chair, swing, playpen) he puts his hands up and babbles “mamamamamamamama” until we come get him. We are still working on the semi-solid transition. He doesn’t like it and would prefer his bottle, thank-you-very-much. Not much of a choice, though – he has to be off the bottle completely in another 6 1/2 months. Yes, we only have that long until his surgery. It seems like not so long ago when I was thinking “13 months, that’s no problem. That’s forever away!” *snickers at my own naivety*

Beyond that, I’m officially mid-way through the semester. I have already failed out of my algebra class to the point where there is no hope of redemption for it. Since it’s a repeat class for me there is no penalty, but it still sucks. Here’s hoping I can keep the rest of my classes from failing! I knew this math would be hard and I should have trusted my instincts. I am also applying to switch majors. I meet with the advisor person tomorrow to see if I can do it. Please keep your fingers crossed!

Anyhow, that’s it for the night. I am going to go eat Chinese and try to relax. I’ve had a tremendously frustrating afternoon and evening, and I’m ready to just crawl under a rock.

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  1. He’s very advanced to be moving and talking so early (or maybe mine were just really late!)


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