For our next trick…

We’d like to pull ourselves to standing. Yes, you read that right – at 6 1/2 months, this child has decided that this whole “crawling on the floor” thing is just too slow and he can’t reach what he wants. Therefore, he will simply learn how to pull himself to standing…at least a month and a half early. Oh, and let’s not forget that because we are standing, we still can’t always reach, so we’ll learn to shuffle to where we want to go. He will pull himself up, reach, and then sorta shuffle his feet to keep his balance.

This child is learning faster than I can adapt. The other day he pulled the monitor plug out of the wall. He’s pulled the monitor DOWN before, but never the power plug from the wall. I had to pull the crib out and plug it in behind there – he can’t reach it because his head is too big to allow him under the crib, and it’s too far down for him to reach from inside. Oh yeah – he’s learned that he can reach through the crib bars and pull things into the crib with him. Time to find a new place to put the dirty clothes!

I hope I can keep him safe. He may think he’s ready to do all this, but he’s really not – he doesn’t have the balance, and that’s something that just comes with age. We finally got the woodstove protected: We zip-tied 3 wooden baby gates together and stretched them out in front of the hearth. He can probably pull them over, but it won’t hurt him to do that. Scare the beejesus out of him, yes, but not hurt him. They’re very very light. At least if he falls he won’t crack his head on the hearth, which is a major worry for me. How in the HELL do parents survive their childs childhood? So many corners and hard surfaces and… gack! I was ranting the other day about parents who protect their children too much (saw a surround for a trampoline, to keep them from falling off – that’s part of the appeal of jumping!!) and now that The Boy is able to pull himself up, I’ve turned paranoid! I blame his father – Aaron is REALLY accident prone, and I just expect The Boy to take after him. Rubber room, anyone?

I have a rant or two in my head, but those are for another post.

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  1. Cathy

     /  October 27, 2011

    Good for him!

    He’ll be ok. Kids are bouncy. Evolution knows they’re clumsy little things and accounted for it!

    Baby proofing is a gradual process. We used a superyard (aka the Baby Cage) for a long time as a way to keep them contained and it was sturdy enough to hold onto in the learning to stand/walk stages. Now it stretches out the full length of our living room blocking the hearth, 3 outlets, a bookcase, and the entertainment center. (Blocks the Christmas tree when we put that up, too.)

    For outlets we like the sliding covers so nothing is open if they DO pull a plug out, and for places we have to plug things in that we do not want them pulling out they have big covers that go over the plugs. Nose around on and you’ll get all kinds of ideas for the trouble you’re in for and what products there are to prevent it! 🙂

  2. Hello! I’m visiting from Mel’s make-a-wish post.
    My niece is that age and she’s just starting to lift her butt off the floor! I don’t envy the heart-stopping scares, but what an exciting time!


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