My home away from home…sorta

You know how you have those places that are just…yours? Well, not really, because other people belong there or go there with you, but it still feels like home?

If you aren’t a gamer, or even remotely understand the gaming lifestyle, I invite you to stop reading here, because I’m about to rant and draw parallels and if anyone of you tells me “it’s just a game”, I am quite likely to come unglued on you and that really isn’t very pretty. So please, for both of our sakes, just ignore this post.

With that taken care of…let’s begin this rant, shall we?

Backstory first: Some of you are probably aware that I (used to) play World of Warcraft, or WoW. There has been drama over the years – first guild ended up being run by a male who led us to believe that he was a female (yes, yes…but I’m not talking about the CHARACTER). We flirted back and forth, because I’m amenable to harmless flirting between females (if you judge me, you can leave now…) and when it was revealed that it was actually a 40-year-old male on the other side, I was highly offended and uncomfortable. Flirting that I would do with a female is SO TOTALLY not acceptable with a male, not to mention that I’m, you know, married and whatnot. There was also an issue with him more-or-less handing leadership of the guild to me…but not giving me the actual power to do anything that needed to be done.  I left, husband left, and the majority of the officers of the guild left as well – I wasn’t the only one upset by the revelation, because I wasn’t the only female (or male!) being flirted with. We formed our own guild, and were happy for a while. Then I saved the life of a poor little Night Elf druid in some over-his-level waters, we became friends, and eventually merged the two guilds. THAT worked fine and dandy for about 2 years – and then there was drama, which we all thought was all solved and fine,  until I logged in one day to find out that they had kicked out every single one of us. We were given a run-around full of BS about why we were removed. That settled it – we went back to our own guild and we stayed there.

Then? Then I lost my job, and I was pregnant, and we couldn’t afford for me to keep playing, and I wouldn’t have had as much time once the Boy was born anyhow, so we just let the accounts expire this past March. We ALL stopped playing around the same time, for various and yet similar money reasons. It was still MY guild, though. I was the GM. Everyone was fine with it staying under my control, since I was the one most likely to find my way back. You’ll note the past-tense “was” the GM. That’s because today I received an email from Blizz (creators of WoW) saying that because my character had been inactive for such a long time, they had demoted me and given control of MY GUILD to another player, at the request of an officer.

Can I say that I am VERY pissed off? Judging by the person who is now the GM of MY GUILD, it’s one of Aaron’s co-workers. Someone who came back to the game just about a month before we left, someone who switched servers to play with us, who rarely ran with us anyways because he was too busy raiding, someone who disappeared just before I had to quit. Someone who SHOULD have talked to Aaron, at the very least, before doing this. I am so very, very, very pissed…and my dear, darling husband doesn’t understand why. He thinks it’s no big deal, that someone ought to be making use of it since none of our friends play anymore either. I, on the other hand, feel like I went on a vacation and came home to find someone else squatting in my home, using the things I (and friends!) gathered/created for their own personal use, and getting a call from the bank to say “Sorry, you were gone for a month, so we let someone else move in. Your neighbor said it was okay!” It’s like…if I ever DO go back, I’m going to have to be all “hey, um, can I have my guild back now?”. If he didn’t like the fact that no one was playing, he should have left the guild and made his own damn guild for himself. Oh but wait – that wouldn’t allow him to use all the gold and materials and stuff, he’d actually have to put forth effort into getting it himself.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I logged back in and found out that I’d been kicked…from my own home.

Husband doesn’t understand, and I don’t understand why he doesn’t. This was my social contact for a while. I made friends there, I was involved in people’s lives (actual people! with actual lives!), they were involved in mine. I put a TON of work in on my characters. I love that place. I would be back in a heartbeat if I could afford it. Maybe I wouldn’t get to play as much, or spend as much time helping others as I used to, but I MISS it. I miss talking with my IRL friends over headsets as we played, I miss talking to my non-IRL friends as we played. I miss the social contact, the gathering of things, the making of things for others, the…everything. I feel like I lost my home when I left, and now it’s really gone. I don’t know where else to go from here on this post, because I’m just…too angry to finish a coherent thought, and too ready to cry to want to finish them. If you’re still here, thank you for reading.

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  1. That sucks. Husb plays WoW and I used to….we’ve gone to visit a couple that plays in LA, and have met up in IL with a couple while in Chicago for Casey’s bday. It IS “a game” but it’s like facebook or message boards, you can create real relationships too. Stink.

    Cole is getting so big so fast! Hard to believe he’s standing and crawling! Jenna still doesn’t sit! 😀

  2. What a bunch of crap!! That seriously sucks.

    I’m so sorry!! I totally just realized I hadn’t seen a post from you in forever because I didn’t follow your new home yet. I’m just herp-derping away over here. *facepalm*

  3. I gave you an award!

  4. Hey lady! It’s taken me forever to find your new website. Sounds like your recovery was WAY worse than mine. Yikes.

    And I understand – giving things up that are “yours” is hard. Sometimes husbands don’t get it!

  5. Hello, there! Popping over to say hi after your comment. 🙂

    If it were me, I’d be seriously seriously upset. Unreasonable? Perhaps. But still, with something like that – it’s “yours” it’s your comfort place, as you say, your home away from home. I’m not a WoW’er, but do (did, I guess) written RPGs online, and fell out of it while TTC/Pregnant for a variety of reasons, some having to do with pregnancy and many not. So, no, it’s not “mine” anymore, but it’s still really hard to see people doing things with the characters I used to play with, etc. So. Yeah. Anyway. *hugs*


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