In other news…

Yes, I still have more to say on the other subject. No, I am not typing it up right now because I just can’t. It’s a work in progress.


The child? He is sick. Or rather, he’s congested. Considering that he has managed to pop two teeth in a span of about 4 days, I’m not really surprised. He’s eating more solids, less formula…although he still wants his damn bottle for his nap, thank you very much. We’re going through teething tabs like crazy these days (never more than recommended) because his top gums are swollen and I’m pretty sure those are going to be in soon. The little bugger BIT me earlier today, which has lead me to the conclusion that baby teeth are like puppy and kitten teeth – hellaciously sharp!!

We are increasing his solid food intake rather rapidly. He WANTS to eat it, and I’m on school break so I have time to work with him. We aren’t doing store-bought baby food, since it’s WAY easier and less costly to just make our own…and we get good use our of our kickass blender that I HAD to have and am afraid of. I don’t know if things are the right consistency or not, or if I’m feeding him the right stuff or not, but I’m doing what I can. He’s eating regular foods too, off our plates. Noodles, meat (hit and miss), some veggies…which is good, because he refuses to eat the blended veggies at all, no matter what I add to them (a tiny bit of salt, or rice cereal), if I heat them up or not, nothing. Fruits, for the most part, are a win. Mashed potatoes are so-so. Christmas dinner is going to be fed to him in bits, see what he’ll take.

Christmas is ramping up. We’re finally getting around to putting up our faux tree. My dad is coming up on Saturday and staying until Monday morning. He decided that I would make pies – didn’t ask, told. Me, whose only attempt at making a pie (a frozen one!) turned into a volcano in the oven. It was a rhubarb, the directions were funny, and everyone got a laugh. I still laugh…but I’ve never made a pie since, and these? Are mostly from scratch. He brought me the apples! He did the same thing to my sister at Thanksgiving – she who works in a bakery, but doesn’t make their pies. My inlaws will be coming over sometime on Sunday as well. I’m hoping to hell that my FIL can be convinced to leave his dogs at home. Any other year when it’s been requested, he has decided that if his damn dogs aren’t welcome, he’s not coming either. Childish behavior, yes, but since we want him there…we’ve dealt with it. This year that means 5 adults, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and an infant. An extremely mobile infant, but an infant nonetheless. I’m already on anti-anxiety meds because I’ve been getting so wound up that I shut down – this isn’t going to help. (The flip side to the meds is that I fall asleep about an hour after taking them.)

We had decided we weren’t buying anything beyond a CD player for the Boy Child. Consumerism got the best of us, though. There were some things I simply couldn’t resist – such as a very soft stuffed dog that is bigger than he is. He LOVES laying on my pillow that has a moose on it, because one of the moose legs is “loose” (intentionally) and he can chew on it. Now he has a whole dog he can chew on that won’t growl at him like ours does. I also got him a few CD’s to go WITH the player. Now you might be asking yourself “What does an 8 1/2 month old child need with a Cd player?” Well…we’d like to play music for him in his room but the one we have is a few decades old and doesn’t work so well anymore. This one we got him ALSO works as an alarm clock and radio, for when he gets older. Hopefully he’ll be able to use it for many, many, many years.

For now, nothing else. I have a few videos to post of him in a bit, maybe some Christmas ones next week if any get taken. If I don’t write or comment between now and then: Have a safe and Merry “Holiday that you celebrate”. 🙂

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  1. Teething is so miserable. We’re on canines now, and it isn’t any better. I hope your Christmas is everything you’d like it to be!! I can’t wait to see the videos!


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