“Tell Me About Yourself” Award

Way back on December 22nd,AP over at my dusty uterus nominated me for the “Tell Me About Yourself” award. I came across the comment notification in my mailbox again last night and remembered that I hadn’t actually done it! (Sorry AP!) So, without any further ado…


The Tell Me About Yourself Award encourages recipients to open up a little more in the blogosphere.  Here are the steps to successfully activating the TMAY award:

1. Thank the person who awarded you. (Check!)
2. List 7 things people may not know about you.
3. Pass it on to 15 other bloggers and don’t forget to notify them.

Seven things y’all don’t know about me? I’ve been blogging for 6+ years – I’m not sure there’s much left to tell! However, in the interest of people who haven’t been reading me for that long…

1)  I do not make female friends easily. I’m usually convinced they’ll try to steal my husband. (Hey, it happened with my ex, and an ex-female friend tried to get Aaron to sleep with her without telling me.) I actually don’t make any friends easily at all – all of my friends were Aaron’s friends first.

2)  “The Princess Bride” is my favorite movie in the whole world. I own 3 copies of it, as well as the book (although not the original ending book). I can, and will, quote almost the whole thing.

3) Overly religious people annoy the fuck out of me. I grew up devoutly religious and then got hit with real life. I’m perfectly fine with people BEING religious, I think having faith is a fabulous thing, but please for the love of all that you hold holy, PLEASE stop shoving it in my face. FB needs to have a “hide this type of post from this person” feature – i.e., “hide anything religious in nature after the first one of the day from this person”.

4)  I grew up in a really small town (see: 670 people). I lived on a commercial farm from the time I was 4 until I was 10, and then we moved into town. I raised sheep for 4-H from the time I was 9 until I was 18. I owned a horse from the age of 10 until 18, when I left to go to college. I miss my horse.

5) With every day that passes, I respect single parents more and more. If it’s this hard to raise a kid when I have a fabulous husband who does anything he can to help me, what must it be like to not have ANYONE else to share that burden? I’ve been feeling like utter shit for about 5 days now and this morning I caught myself thinking (again) “How in the hell do single parents do this?”

6) I have no idea what I’m doing with our son. I have no idea how to teach him anything, or if I should let him figure things out on his own. Every time I think I should let him learn on his own, I remember the stories you hear about children who were neglected and, even into their teens, don’t know how to walk to eat with utensils or talk. So then I go into overdrive mode, but then think about over-stimulation and over-scheduling and letting kids be kids. I’m always worried about his growth, and eating.

7) I abhor Will Ferrell. Ever since seeing his character of “Rusty” on MADTV, I can’t stand him. I’ve watched one thing with him in it, and that’s because I figured he couldn’t possibly screw the story up. I was right. Anything else he’s in, I’ve flat refused to watch – even when I really want to watch the movie otherwise. I just can’t stand him!

I don’t think I have 15 readers who will see the nominations, nor do I have 15 blogs that I read. Those there are nominated, and if you see this, and I don’t read you (your blog isn’t on the sidebar), give me a heads up so I can come see you – and consider yourself nominated.

Aon at A Quiet Voice Among the Clamor, Mel at Stirrup Queens, Manda at Crazy, Beautiful Dream, Teri at Diary of a Mad Hatter, Jen at Here We Go Again, Hormonal Egg Basket, Sharah at Outlandish Notions, Snickollet at Snickollet, April at Where Do We Go From Here?, and Claire at With all My Heart. Please go read and follow them!

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  1. No Will Ferrell! I feel like I should come over with Anchorman. That is my movie that I quote.

  2. Woo-hoo! So glad you put this up – awards are fun.

  3. I don’t like Will Ferrell much either, but have you seen Stranger than Fiction? That was a good one.

  4. Thank you for the nomination! But no Will Ferrell? Really? Et tu April? Talladega Nights is one of my favorite movies EVAH!

    We can still be friends though, if you want. 😉


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