All of my tests are back. All of them are normal, for the most part. My thyroid levels are low-normal, and I tried to tell them that that isn’t normal for my family, but it’s apparently falling on deaf ears. They offered me BCP to reboot my cycles, but I’m going to wait. I loathe them, they kill what tiny libido I have left, and we really don’t need more of that stress added to us. Sometimes I’m not sure how much more we can handle before we break. I’m honestly surprised that my husband hasn’t just left me to find someone who will have sex with him more than once a week…on a good week. So far this year we’re averaging once a month, between sickness and pain. I fully expect my cycles to continue to get more and more wonky, and if they do, at some point I will have to resort to the BCP.

On the pain front, those labs came back too. The protein that measures inflammation is at about 3x the normal rate. The doc had noted on Friday that my hands and ankles were swollen – and here I thought it was just fat! Good to know it’s not that, at least. Before the labs even came back, he put me on metho.trex.ate because I could no longer take the sulfa.sala.zine. I’m on a lower dose than normal – 3 2.5mg pills at once, once a week. My SIL was on it for her lupus and she said it made her lose a lot of weight really fast – not good for her, but I’m hoping it will do the same for me. I could stand to lose about…50# or so, maybe more. I’d be happy with 50, as that would put me back to where I was when Aaron and I first met. It will also help the pain levels, or so they tell me. The doc also gave me pred.nisone on an as-needed basis, since it’s fast acting. Now that I know my inflammation levels are high, I took it today to see if it makes a difference. I was able to rock the child for 20 minute bursts without my back hurting, so that’s a plus. I can only hope it helps.

I said I’d update the results, so I have. Beyond that, not a whole lot going on. School is gearing up for finals week, so it’s a big push on papers and presentations and tests. The Boy has surgery one month from yesterday. His pre-op is 2 weeks from this past Monday. I still don’t have him off the bottle, so that should be a fun discussion. Aaron has to work, so I’m going in on my own and REALLY wishing I had someone there to hold my hand and protect me. The doc is one of those “all important” people who thinks he knows best – his attitude as he corrected how I fed The Boy when I first went in there was enough for me to not want to go back. Had I a choice, I would have found a different doc – but he’s the only one in 300 miles who does this surgery, so I’m stuck. I’m afraid he’s going to be all pissy with me because I’ve been unsuccessful at getting The Boy to give up the bottle in favor of a sippy, and that they’re going to have to push his surgery off more and it will be all my fault.

Today is not a good day, and I’m sure it shows. I apologize. Thank you for listening. 🙂

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  1. I laughed at your “he should just leave for someone who’d have sex more” paragraph. I tell Matt all the time he should just get himself a whore on the side or something!

    Picture me there holding your hand through Cole’s pre-op. We’re flipping the doctor off. Doctors with attitudes? Hate.


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