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Still trying to push The Boy onto sippy cups. It’s better, more or less. He’s willing to take a variety of fluids from them now, but still won’t drink enough to actually make himself not hungry. It will take him several hours to drink a sippy cup of juice, and all day to get down 6 oz of milk. He’ll be hungry and tired, but when I try to put him down for his nap he’ll be too hungry to sleep. He won’t accept a sippy at that point, but a bottle will let him pass out in minutes.

We had the appointment with the ENT today. The Boy needs tubes. He apparently has fluid behind both eardrums. I’m hoping this is what has been causing him to only say “mama” for the past 6 months. If there’s mild hearing issues, it may be preventing him from hearing the formation of sounds correctly. He’ll pattern his “ma ma ma” back to you, like he’s holding a conversation, but no other sounds. I was hoping the palate would fix it, but if tubes fix it, yay us? At any rate, it will be done at the same time as the palate surgery. Only one hospital and anesthesia bill, although two doctors. Cue more stress for moving him to the sippy, although the ENT doesn’t care.

My communication finals are today and then I am done with school for the semester. Today would have also been mom’s 65th birthday – happy birthday, mommy! Dad came up and we put flowers on her grave yesterday. He also threw a fit over the state of our ceiling because the job is very crappily done. The guy came over for payment and dad had words with him! The guy agrees that it’s shoddy work and today the big boss and the foreman came over. They are going to formulate a plan to get it done right. Dad gave them a few suggestions – he used to do this kind of work a long time ago before we moved, working on $1M houses back in the 70s, so he at least knows what he’s talking about. Yay for dads who are persistent! 🙂

The Boy is currently sick with some sort of bug. He was in the front room with dad last night when I heard “He just threw up in here!” I go to see, and find a huge puddle of it…way more volume than I’ve ever seen with that child before. We cleaned him up, figured it was an aberration, and went to dinner. BAD IDEA! He threw up again in the restaurant, all over Aaron, the floor, the table…and that was after Aaron caught some of it in his hands! We got dinner to go, came home and cleaned him, gave him some pedialyte and put him to bed. He woke up a few times during the night, woke up WAY earlier than he should have this morning, and was back to sleep an hour later. I woke him for the doctors office, he almost fell asleep while we were there, we came home, and he’s back down for a nap again. Poor kiddo – he’s so lethargic and now running a fever. We gave him some Tylenol to help, so fingers crossed.

Okay, I have to go study. My exam is in 4 hours and while I feel prepared and I only have to get 35 of 70 pts in order to get a C in this class, I’d like to get an A. 🙂

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  1. You poor thing, your plate is so full right now. I can at least try to reassure you about the tubes: when Abby got hers, it was like night and day. As long as we had her most of the time, she was never sick at all anymore.

    I hope Cole feels better soon, and I know you’ll get an A!

  2. You do have a very full plate. Sending a hug on your mum’s birthday. And hope that the tubes go easily.


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