Rotavirus BITES

So, if you’ll recall from my last post, The Boy is sick with some sort of bug. Tuesday he was energy-less, and running a fever of 100.3. Wednesday he seemed okay, but still had really bad diarrhea. Thursday he threw up 3 times…and he’s a talented child. He managed to get it UNDER the couch, and then under the fridge when he projectiled in the kitchen (for the first time ever!). In to the ER we went, because he was not keeping anything down at that point and was chugging fluids. By noon he had taken in 32 ounces – almost as much as he takes in during a full day – but thrown it all back up. I started getting really worried about dehydration, so we went in…and rightfully so. He’s got rotavirus. Yay!

We began the oral rehydration therapy – 10cc’s of pedialyte every 10 minutes until we had 200cc’s in. Then we bumped it to 20cc’s every 20 minutes, and then 20 every 15. Poor kiddo was so hungry and thirsty – he cried every time we took the syringe away. Yes, syringe, because it’s easier to measure and get it into him. All his meds are done via syringe and he takes them well, so yay! He slept through the night Thursday night and even slept in. Friday he was whiny and did not want to be put down – but he’s been that way all week. Poor Aaron has pretty much held and paced with this child for 6 days, because The Boy won’t take me if Daddy is around and we aren’t allowed to sit down. Saturday he was slightly sorta better – at least his poop has substance now and isn’t just liquid. Still diarrhea, yes, and we’re having more and more blowouts, but it’s not as…well, it was both liquid AND crumbly at the same time. We started him back on formula and pedialyte, with a few crackers thrown in for good measure.

He refused to sleep last night. Probably because he would hardly stay awake yesterday. Every time we left him alone for a few minutes, he’d fall asleep. People keep reassuring me that he’s sick, he’s supposed to sleep – but not like this, I don’t think. We may have overfed him this morning, as I was catapulted out of bed by the sound of a baby puking in his swing (which is where he slept, because he wouldn’t go in the crib). You know how the sound of a cat/dog puking will wake you up? Try a kid – I damn near tripped over the fence on my way to him! Thankfully it all landed on the tray (and him, of course) but not on the floor so I didn’t have to clean that up too. I’m on my own today.I got him changed and into the tub, because he ALSO had a blowout up to his collarbone. He was so shaky he could barely stand. I put him on the changing table and his little limbs just shook. And once again, he won’t stay awake. I think he’s been awake a total of 45 minutes in the last 4 hours, and that was mostly for diaper changes and bottles.

I called the on-call doc at our office and just got off the phone with him. I am heading back to the ER.

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  1. I feel so bad for the both of you! I hope things went well in the ER.


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