Better and better

And only one of those is sarcastic joy.

First, update from the ER visit: They gave The Boy an IV, and put in 500mL per hour into his little body. He screamed and sobbed when they put the IV in. I sobbed, but managed not to scream and instead be very quiet so he wouldn’t hear me. Aaron held him most of the time after the IV went in, and helped them take it out.

Sad baby!

The Boy is doing so much better today. He’s like a whole new child! Walking, babbling, drinking but not chugging, no fever, getting into everything. Showing interest in shoes, pulling his toys out of the drawer, letting us put him down. All the things that have been missing for a week that had me seriously concerned. We met with the doc today for a follow up. He says it looks like we’re over the hump, and that in another week or so his poop should be back to normal. Who thought Aaron and I would be remarking on the state of a child’s diaper? Well, besides other parents, that is? Yay for being almost done with this…just in time for Aaron to get it. *thud* At least he’s old enough to take care of himself without relying solely on me. They HAVE postponed The Boy’s surgery officially, but I don’t have a date for the new one yet. As of right now, we’re looking at July. I was hoping sooner, at least for the tubes, because I’m worried about his speech development (or the lack thereof), but I’ll take what I can get.


Better #2: I don’t think I’ve mentioned much, if anything, about this because there’s been too much other shit going on. Our roof was caving in due to water damage. Wait – history first. Okay, so…the back part of our house was built about…25-30 years ago at LEAST, probably longer, by amateurs. People who REALLY shouldn’t have done so, but they did. The foundation is slanted, the roof isn’t slanted enough, it has the wrong material on it for being the angle that it is, and the skylights leak around the seams. Every few years, my FIL (who did not build it) would go up on the roof with a can of tar and tar around the edges of the skylights, sealing the leaks until it started up again. Last year, we couldn’t get it to seal. No matter what Aaron did, we were still getting water in. Then winter came, and we couldn’t do anything else about it. The crack in the plaster inside was getting worse, but whatever – we would deal with it. March came, and it rained like it was Seattle all freaking month. Leaks, we had them. The crack in the ceiling became a hole and was starting to cave. We no longer had a choice – it had to be fixed, or risk the ceiling falling down on The Boy’s head, which was completely unacceptable.

We called around, got about 5 different quotes, chose the one that seemed the most reliable without being too expensive, and scheduled it. The first day they arrived, they discovered that the roof over our bedroom has no decking – no “subroof”. The metal roofing was nailed directly to the frame of the house. Our bid went up $1500 for that. They got the decking, started putting it on, it appeared it was going to rain, and they left. That night it did indeed rain…and they had made one of my leaks worse. It woke me up, kept me up for a good hour (counting rain drops, because my OCD flares when I’m stressed and I count things when I can’t clean). They didn’t come back until Friday, thanks to the weather, but it was done.

What about my ceiling, you ask? Well, I had to call over the weekend because it hadn’t been done and I wanted to know when they were coming. “Probably Monday” was the answer. Fabulous – I didn’t want The Boy exposed to whatever was up there, and couldn’t simultaneously take him away and be here with them at the same time. Aaron came home…and they didn’t show. They did, however, show up on Tuesday…while I was at class. So Aaron was stuck with The Boy, in The Boy’s room, for 6 hours until I got home. Why did it take so long? Because the guy didn’t know what he was supposed to do when he got here! He thought he was just boarding over the skylight area, not replacing my ceiling. He called his boss, who thought the same thing, and they called the BIG boss who told them what to do. Seven hours later, it was done…and looked like SHIT. Completely uneven, sheetrock of the wrong thickness, gaps everywhere, screws not in all the way – shit. My dad came up on the 7th and he was furious – he demanded that we get it redone. What do you know – the guy was supposed to come by the next day so that we could sign off on the deal and dad would be there! Dad had a few calm, polite, knowledgeable words with the man, I refused to sign and pay, and they’re supposed to fix it. Later that day we got a call – they wanted to offer us $250 and we could fix it ourselves. Um…no. You screwed it up, you fix it. I will have enough work with texture and paint (oh, yeah, they aren’t doing that part) without putting on 4 layers of “mud” just to fill the holes and even things out.

It has now been almost a week. They sent an actual sheetrocker last night (as opposed to a roofer, which is what they sent the first time) to finish the ceiling. Yes, the same day we had a trip to the ER. He called us as we got to the car, wondering where we were and if we’d be home soon. Thankfully we only live about 5 minutes from the hospital, so it was easy to get home. He took down two pieces of sheetrock and screeched to a halt. There was moisture on the joints. Whether that was there before and the idiot sheetrocked over it, or if my new roof is already leaking, we will be finding out. He refused to sheetrock over it, thankfully. I’m glad we had him come, because we discovered another problem. The aforementioned idiot roofer…didn’t replace the insulation! He pulled it out and then just put up sheetrock – no insulation between my ceiling and roof. I am so beyond pissed at this point! This has been a monumental fuckup of a job. When they come out here to check where the moisture is, I may very well have some words with some people. If it’s my brand new roof, I’m not sure what we’ll do. I can tell you that if it is, they aren’t getting any more money from us. We paid half up-front, they will not get the rest if they can’t be buggered to do a job right. We may not even have them fix it – we’ll go with someone else. Or we’ll have them fix it, fix the ceiling, and force them to give us a discount for all of this mess. I just don’t know at this point, and I’m too tired from dealing with a sick baby for a week to deal with them right now.


I know that was terribly long. Thank you, if you read the whole thing. Maybe in my next post I’ll remember to tell you how we’re paying for the ceiling. I don’t want this post any longer than it already is!!

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  1. Glad Cole is doing better. Hope he’s all better soon!

    And yeesh. That roofing story is… unbelievable. Don’t really know what to tell you there. I mean, I’d say you should get them to do it properly at a DEEP discount, but at this point do you really trust them to do so? Almost tempted to suggest that you get the work done by someone else and send these clowns the bill.

    Whatever you do… good luck. Hope it gets done right, at a reasonable price, and SOON.


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