Fire images

I was talking yesterday about the fire down near my dad’s place. There are several other people from town on my FB page, and I’ve been watching the updates and images come rolling in. As of right now, they have combined the three current fires in the area into one heading and renamed it “Minidoka Complex Fire”. When I talked to dad this morning, the fire stands at having burned about 50.5 square miles of land. So far, no structures have been damaged…but the fire came within 60′ of one ranch, and 1′ of another families fence. Both families were evacuated. Their homes were sprayed with flame retardant foam and on the ranch, an area was bulldozed and intentionally burned to give the big fire no fuel. So far, so good. They are, however, expecting high winds to pick up again today. If it does, that fire has a good chance of coming back around to town.

Because dad and several of his/my friends ARE on FB, I’ve been able to get a lot of images. Some are from dad sending them to my phone, others were taken by friends. I wanted to get them here, so I can come back and look later, and to give you an image of what has got me so terrified.

1 mile north of town

1 mile north of town, next day

Front yard of my friend Lisa

Lisa is refusing to pack, saying that “fire doesn’t scare her”. She has 5 kids, and I can see the burn edge of the fire. I think she’s crazy.

Bedke Feedlot

Immediately after the previous image was taken, dad called me. That column of black smoke? Exploded, sending a fireball up into the air.

Mullen’s ranch, before the fire got close

North Ridge as Lisa was driving home on 8/8/12

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