The positives

For all that I am worried about the surgery and the after-care, I’m also pretty excited for his tube surgery. Less so the cleft palate, because at this point it doesn’t seem to bother him or interfere. It WILL, later – he wouldn’t be able to do any gutteral sounds (no German for him!), his voice would be a lot more nasally, etc. But his ears…

If I had realized just how much the fluid behind his ears was holding his language skills back, I’d have done this 10 months ago. Everyone acted like it was no big deal. All kids have fluid – except that they don’t. He never passed his hearing tests because of the fluid, but the people were all “It’s okay, we’ll just check it after his cleft palate surgery.” Yeah, well…my kid is 16 months old and doesn’t talk beyond “mamamamamamamamama”. Yes, he’s learned how to make his wants/needs know, but that’s SO not the point. He should be talking. He should be able to repeat things we say, and he can’t. Because he can’t hear us.

So yes, I am really really happy about the tubes. It will get rid of the fluid and then he’ll be able to hear us, which means he’ll learn to talk. I know, it seems like I’m expecting him to wake up and be able to talk, and it sorta feels like that, but I know in reality it’s going to take months. I’m hoping he’ll be fully talking by Thanksgiving. The thing I’m looking forward to the most? Him saying “Mama” intentionally, to mean me, instead of “mama” for everything because it’s all he knows. I’m also really looking forward to him saying “dada” to Aaron. The Boy understands just fine – if you tell him to go find daddy, he’ll run off and go find Aaron. Or if you tell him “daddy’s home”, he will light up, drop what he’s doing, and RUN for the front room baby gate. He knows.

Wednesday night/Thursday morning are going to be *fun*. Aaron gets off work at 7:00 Wednesday night. We have to get up at 5:00AM, be out the door at 5:30AM, hospital at 6:00AM on Thursday. So much for getting any decent sleep. Aaron has decided that we shouldn’t interrupt the Boy’s schedule, so he’ll still go to bed at 9:00. We just might too, but I doubt that will happen. Going to do laundry all day on Wednesday, to make sure the Boy has as many clean clothes as possible. Pack the bags Wednesday night – one for him, one for the things we want to take with us (laptops, Kindles, charging cords) to keep us occupied. I’m quite likely to sleep the first few hours, fingers crossed. I will update more on the surgery itself as I can, as there are things to tell.

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