Excitement of the Puppy kind

I received a text while I was at Tai Chi last night that said “I let the dog out and back in and now I can’t find her”. Being rather confused as to how someone could lose a dog in a house, I called Aaron. Turns out he took out the garbage and recyling and left the front door open…like he does every time. Only this time, Inara ran outside and didn’t come back. She’s run outside before, and down the block, as a puppy, but always been able to get her back right away. Not this time. Aaron canvassed the neighborhood, calling her, with The Boy in his arms and she didn’t return. We called for her all evening, right up until bed time, and I started again this morning. This morning was kinda cute, because as I would call “Inara!” the Boy would go “A-Aaa”. Looking for his puppy, you see.

When she didn’t come back this morning, I really started to panic. I called the Humane Society and described her, but the lady advised that I go in and look because they don’t see every dog. After I dropped The Boy off at daycare (because I figured the kennels would freak him out), I sped out there, fingers crossed that they’d have her and she’d not be too hurt. Waited forever in line just to be told to go stand over there, someone would be with me to take me through the stray kennel. We went through all 3 of them, no sign of her. I was really really starting to panic, and then they showed me the injured dogs book. First one they turned to was her! They went to check on her, see what was wrong and if I could see her to confirm since it was only a b&w headshot. Eventually I got to go see and sure enough, it was her. She was all curled up in a cage, looking quite freaked out. In pain, around a bunch of other injured and yapping dogs, in a cage…she HATES being penned up, even if it’s a big pen. She just hates it. I called to her, she growled at me, hackles up. I squatted down and she came to me slowly until she caught my scent and then tried to get to me through the cage wall. I hated leaving her there, but I couldn’t take her alone in the car AND I had an exam this afternoon. I didn’t want to leave her at home alone.  And of course, me being me, I freaked out half the afternoon that it wasn’t really her, I just wanted that dog to BE her and so I believed it. Irrational me, that’s me!

After I got out of my exam, I picked up the Boy and we went home to wait. His “Aunt” C came by to watch him so that Aaron and I could go get Inara in the truck. A little over an hour after we got to the Humane Society we got to leave with a puppy and all her meds. This morning she was favoring a paw but she’s not this evening. She actually jumped the tall baby gate when we got home instead of waiting for us to open it for her (and us!). Apparently she’s feeling okay, although she’s bleeding a little on one paw – most likely from all the jumping. She’s got antibiotics and pain pills, and “blue glue” to wash out the wounds on her paws/legs.

Here’s hoping that this teaches her a lesson about leaving the yard. Never, ever, unless she’s on a leash, should she leave the yard! *deep breath* She is now microchipped, so should she get out again, they’ll be able to call us if she gets picked up. If your pet isn’t chipped, I advise that you do so. My excuse of “but she never leaves us” just fell apart in an instant.

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  1. I’m glad she’s home and okay! Boudreaux, the first dog we had that I was old enough to remember disappeared one day, and we never found him. That’s been my only experience with a lost dog, but after 30 years, I still remember how upset I was.

    • Had a cat get hit while we’ve been living here, just in front of the house. He crawled across the road, we found him that night because I KNEW he had been gone too long and Aaron went looking. So yeah…in the past 5 years, this makes 2 pets hit by cars. I’ve lost several pets over the years, but The Boy is actually somewhat attached to this one!

  2. Oh my goodness! I’m so glad she’s okay, but what a scary ordeal.

  3. St. Elsewhere

     /  September 25, 2012

    Glad you found her, and I hope she is recovering well.

    I just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for your comment on my LFCA question. You happen to be just one of the two who made the efforts to actually answer it.

  4. So glad your puppy was found and not too seriously hurt. It’s so scary when they are missing and hurt.

    Congrats on 9 years of marriage! (From LFCA).


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